Journal of Information Resources Management ›› 2024, Vol. 14 ›› Issue (2): 4-20.doi: 10.13365/j.jirm.2024.02.004

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The Evolution and Contemporary Perspectives on the Empowerment of Intelligence by Artificial Intelligence Technology

Li Guangjian Pan Jiali   

  1. Department of Information Management,Peking University,Beijing,100871
  • Online:2024-03-26 Published:2024-04-11
  • About author:Dr Li Guangjian is a professor,who is dedicated to researching information management technology and conducting big data intelligence analysis.Pan Jiali(corresponding author) is a Ph.D.candidate, his research interests lie in the fields of information systems and data mining, Email:
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    This is an outcome of the major project "Research on the Application of Key Technologies of Intelligence in the Context of Digital Transformation"(23&ZD228), supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China.

Abstract: This paper systematically explores the evolution and application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in intelligence work, revealing its new developments in ideology, characteristics, technical methods, and practical scenarios. Transitioning from a rule-based paradigm to the era of foundation model approaches, AI presents significant opportunities for the intelligence field’ s enhancement in intelligence processing. However, it also introduces novel challenges related to ethics, legal considerations, and privacy concerns. The paper identifies issues and challenges that should be addressed by the intelligence community in the new era of intelligence. Furthermore, the paper proposes forward-thinking strategies to address these issues and challenges, providing valuable insights for the stable development of intelligence field.

Key words: Artificial intelligence technology, Foundation models, Digital intelligence empowerment, Intelligence, Application and challenges

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