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    Research on Assessment of Answer Quality in Social Q&A Platform
    Jia Jia Song Enmei Su Huan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 19-28.  
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    Social Q&A platform in Web2.0 has experienced a rapid development through the manner of collaboration. As the social Q&A platform has accumulated considerable amount of questions and answers, the quality of answers is increasingly becoming an issue of concern. Based on the assessment of answers quality in social Q&A, this paper aims to understand the current level and problems of domestic social Q&A, hoping to make a useful reference for the development of such platform.

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    Research on MIMIC-III Electronic Medical Record Dataset and Its Mining
    Chen Jing Li Baoping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2017, 7 (4): 29-37.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2017.04.029
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    In order to understand the content and the research and utilization of a typical and open source medical database in the United States-the Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care, also called MIMIC, this paper systematically investigates the content of the MIMIC dataset and analyzes the literatures about the research of the MIMIC dataset in the Web of Science, respectively from number of documents, nations, institutions, research topics and research methods. It is found that the research and utilization of MIMIC dataset are in the ascending period, and its research depth and breadth are insufficient. Universities and medical companies in China should strengthen their researches and utilization on MIMIC dataset. The research topics focus on the prediction of prognosis and mortality of ICU patients, and researchers may explore more research topics. Data mining methods mainly focus on the general machine learning and statistical analysis methods, while mining methods with stronger pertinence need to be proposed.

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    Review and Progress in Research on Credibility Evaluation of Information on the Web
    Wang Ping Cheng Qikai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 46-52.  
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    Users’ demand on information access, management and service quality becomes increasingly strong because of the rapid growth of information resources on the web; the credibility evaluation of the web-based information has attracted the attention of scholars. We sort out and commented the theory, methods and applications of credibility evaluation of web-based information respectively,and propose recommendations for web-based information credibility evaluation research, and looking to the future research development direction.

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    An Analysis for Precursory Variables of Core Variables of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
    Zhang Liyi Zhang Ran
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (2): 11-20.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.02.011
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    Technology acceptance model has been widely verified and applied since it was putf orward by Davis in 1986. To improve the model, a mass of antecedents of core variables of TAM model are evolved. In this paper, these antecedents are classified by origins and objects. The relationships between the antecedents and core variables are analyzed. Last, some discussions and suggestions have been given on future researches for themodification of technology acceptance model.

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    Research on the Relationship Between Customer Perceived Value,Satisfaction and Loyalty——Empirical Analysis Based on the Electronic Commerce Market
    Liu Li Zhang Ning
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (3): 50-57,106.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.03.050
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    In this paper, we developed the concept of the consumer perceived value on the electronic commerce market, examined the relationship of customer perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty empirically based in cognition-affect-conation theory, and in-depth analysed the impact of satisfaction as a mediator on the perceived value and customer loyalty. Customer perceived value is divided into functional value, emotional value, social value and procedural value, and the study found that the functional value and emotional value have positive influence on customer loyalty by using the structural equation model. Customer satisfaction also has positive influence on customer loyalty. At the same time, the functional value, emotional value and social value have positive influence on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a mediator on the perceived value and customer loyalty. The procedural value had no significant effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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    Visualization Analysis about Hot Research Topics and Frontiers Based on Citespace ——Take the Field of Wireless Sensor Networks as an Example
    Xu Can Chen Chen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 69-75,87.  
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    This paper uses the literatures which are retrieved from the ISI Web of Knowledge with the capital of wireless sensor networks as data sources. With the information visualization software CiteSpace, it conducts the co-citation and cluster analysis, makes the country-institution map and the category network map in the field of wireless sensor networks, shows the research distribution and confirms the categories that the field involves;at the same time, with the frequency detection technology which is provided by CiteSpace, it discloses the hot research topics, research fronts and development trends by mapping the knowledge map of wireless sensor networks field in computer science.

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    The Mode of Automatically Crawling Web Data and its Open Source Solutions for Researchers
    Zhang Tingting Liu Kai Wang Weijun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (2): 21-27.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.02.021
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    In Big Data era, the quantity and quality of data which usually determines the quality of research findings as well as the whole project’s success is becoming the key factor in scientific competition. However, taking the issue of automatically crawling web data into consideration, there is not yet a systematic academic research. To address this issue, this paper carries out an analysis of the basic patterns that web crawling emerges and presents four basic web crawling modes of researchers: single site static crawl mode, cross-site static crawl mode, single site dynamic crawl mode and cross-site dynamic crawl mode. In the meantime, this paper introduces two kinds of method to solve the problem based on the architecture of open source: the open-source crawlers and researchers’ own custom reptile. Finally, this paper gives a detailed discussion of the software architecture and the basic code of each solution.

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    Research of Personalized Information Recommendation Model Based on Web 3.0
    Xu Baoxiang Wu Huijuan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (1): 59-63.  
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    Analyzing Web 3.0’s content, we know it is necessary to solve personalized information need, when we face numerous volumes of information. At present, it is only to study from 3 aspects: collaborative filtering、content analysis、associated rules,and two sides based on the user and on the goods, but it based on the individual records of history, or similar to record history of the user to dig the information,so it is necessary to base on user groups,and the balance of power of singer user information and user groups information is this new perspective. 

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    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (3): 18-18.  
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    Research on the Construction of Quality Evaluation Model of Micro-blog Information
    Mo Zuying Ma Feicheng Luo Yi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 12-18.  
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    Micro-blog information has a characteristic of fragmentation, and the problem of its information redundancy is worrying. How to evaluate the quality of micro-blog information and filter the inferior quality information is a problem urgently to be solved in the development of micro-blog. This article constructs the evaluation index system of the quality of micro-blog information from the quantity of information, quality of information content, quality of information source and information utilization. It sets the index weight based on analytic hierarchy process and questionnaire survey, and constructs the quality evaluation model of micro-blog information. This research provides a theoretical framework for the implementation of quality evaluation of micro-blog information.

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    Archives and Collective Memory in New Media Age
    Ma Linqing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 101-105.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.101
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    New media technology changes the way of communication, and also the methods, media and content of collective memory. The article proposes the opportunities and challenges collective memory facing in new media age, evaluates the importance of archives in construction of collective memory, and explores the way of building archives memory in new media age.

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    Empirical Study on the Effects of Perceived Value and Social Influence on User Loyalty for Social Networking Sites
    Gu Rui OH Lih-Bin Wang Kanliang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 10-21.  
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    Social networking service (SNS) has attracted a large number of users because of its ability to provide personalization and socialization. However, SNS providers are facing the critical issue of the decrease in both user base and usage rate due to severe competition. Hence, it is of paramount importance for SNS providers to keep their websites sticky and to develop user loyalty. This study proposed a research model of SNS user loyalty comprising of perceived utilitarian value, hedonic value, and social influence as the antecedents. Data on 289 SNS users were collected and empirically analyzed using factor analysis and structural equation modeling method. It was found that both perceived utilitarian and hedonic value have significantly positive impact on user satisfaction and loyalty, and social influence significantly and positively impacts user loyalty. Lastly, discussion of research findings and implications for SNS providers, as well as suggestions for future research are provided.

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    Research Progress in the Application of Flow Theory Abroad
    Jiang Tingting,  Chen Peilong Xu Yanrun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 4-16.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.004
    Abstract2386)      PDF(pc) (1703KB)(2329)       Save
    Flow refers to the holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. Related research of flow mainly focuses on the fields of education, computer and business administration, and has not been widely used in information behavior research. This study conducted a systematic review on 78 empirical studies that applied the flow theory. According to the research framework, those empirical studies were divided into three categories: the antecedents that affect the flow experience, the flow consequences triggered by the flow experience, and the mediating effects of flow experience between the antecedents and consequences. Combined with Person-Artifact-Task (PAT) model, this study summarized the related studies and elaborated on the practical enlightenment that flow can bring to real life, actively considered possible breakthroughs in flow measurement methods, and provided a clear and systematic approach to the application of flow theory to information behavior research.
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    Analysis of the Research Front and Hotspot on Domestic User Experience Based on Knowledge Mapping
    Xiang Jianqin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (4): 84-90.  
    Abstract1852)      PDF(pc) (2403KB)(2281)       Save

    The paper obtains the domestic user experience research papers through keyword searches. Then using the keyword co-occurrence method and multivariate statistical analysis method, this paper draws knowledge map of the domestic user experience research basing on co-word matrix of high-frequency keywords. There are six mainstream research domains including teaching emotional experience, user experience design and its applications, experience economy and experiential marketing, the usability in network security and information security, the technology and environment of user experience, and the emotional experience of higher education.

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    Development Status and Future Prospects on Software and IT Services Industry in China
    Chen Wei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 4-7.  
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    The paper introduces development of Softwere and IT Service Industry in China,and emphasizes that we has made great achievements while there are some problems like small,not strong,and not meeting demand,et al. Basing on analysis of trends in the softwere industry,it raises prospects that IT fields development is approaching limit currently,the focus of future competition is the ecosystem construction with mobile intelligent terminal operating system as the core.

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    UK Electronic Health Records Development and Its Implications to China
    Zhou Lihong Liu Lu Zhao Yiming
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 94-100,封3.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.094
    Abstract2422)      PDF(pc) (2910KB)(2205)       Save

    By reviewing and analysing the related information, literature and government reports on the development of UK electronic health records, this paper intends to gain experiences on the issues of basic information collection, archive creation, reservation and maintenance, and information review process. Moreover, current problems on ineffective budget control, projects delay, and community cultural conflicts are also reviewed and analysed in this paper, in order to articulate and provide useful suggestions to the construction of digital health records in China.

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    Application Research of Cloud Computing and Big Data in Online Education Interaction
    Xing Qiudan Jiao Jing Du Zhanhe
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 22-28.  
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    Online education interaction is an important research field of online education, cloud computing and big data technology and its development has brought new opportunities for the study, making a great impact on data processing and service mode. This paper expounds the connotation and features of cloud computing and data. On the analysis of the status of basic education online interactive facing, it builds online education interactive platform model based on big data and cloud computing. Focusing on analysis of the realization of the function of the platform, it makes online learners and teachers achieving the perfect online interactive activities to a high level of interaction. Then the paper summarizes the advantages of using online education interactive platform in cloud computing and big data.

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    Practice and Inspirationof Information Resource Management from Central Intelligence Agency in America Under the Environment of Think Tank Construction
    Huang Ruhua Li Baiyang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (3): 37-41.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.03.037
    Abstract1718)      PDF(pc) (679KB)(2092)       Save

    Owing to the lack of mature process and pattern of the information management in think tank construction in China, this article investigates information management practice in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which is a distinguished think tank in U.S., in order to provide reference for the construction of Think tank in China. It uses network survey, literature survey and case study method to research the management mode on information organization, information publication, intelligence analysis, publication management etc. in the CIA’s digital library. Finally, it finds that CIA is advanced on the information management of theory, technology and process, and the practical experience of information management is summarized to the think tank construction in our country.

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    Mixed-Methods of Measuring User Experience in Information Interaction
    Fang Yuling Deng Shengli Yang Lina
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (1): 38-43.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.01.038
    Abstract2025)      PDF(pc) (794KB)(2092)       Save

    The paper analyses both the pragmatic and hedonic aspects of user experience in information interactions under the new situation. Methods used to measure user experience are described, which included self-report measures, the behavioral data and the physiological data that is comparatively new. Finally the application of mixed-methods approach to measuring user experience is discussed on the basis of document analysis.

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    Research on the Evaluation Index System of High-level Innovative Talents
    Wu Xin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (3): 107-封三.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.03.107
    Abstract1667)      PDF(pc) (828KB)(2073)       Save

    The paper taked Da Ya Wan Economic and Technological Development Zone as the object of empirical study. Based on experts’ interview and literature survey, it designed a questionnaire respecting the evaluation index system of high-level innovative talents. After researching on 450 respondents which came from the area of petrochemicals, electronic information, automobile parts, port logistics, and tourism and belonged to three kinds of talents which were basic research, engineering and technical personnel, the article analyzed the impact of industry and the type of talent on the respondents’ intention choice behavior. Finally, we made a number of recommendations focusing on the personnel evaluation of high-level innovative talents of China Economic and Technological Development Zone.

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    CitNetExplorer——A New Bibliometrics Analysis Software
    Liu Dongxiao Xu Zhenliang Wang Chunbo Yan Xin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (2): 51-62.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.02.051
    Abstract5757)      PDF(pc) (6385KB)(2071)       Save
    CitNetExplorer is a new bibliometrics analysis software which was developed by Van Eck and Waltman and their team in Leiden University. Firstly, this paper introduces the basic functionalities and main panels of CitNetExplorer, and how to construct the citation network map through CitNetExplorer and its advantages in visualization. Secondly, it demonstrates the specific processes and steps of analyzing scientific publications citation network by using CitNetExplorer in exemplifying application. At last, this paper illustrates some deficiencies of CitNetExplorer.
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    Users’ Information Behavior from the Perspective of Metaverse:Framework and Prospect
    Wu Jiang Cao Zhe Chen Pei He Chaocheng Ke Dan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 4-20.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.004
    Abstract1822)      PDF(pc) (3218KB)(2021)       Save
    The metaverse is a digital society of the ternary world, in which people participate in the integration of virtuality and reality with a digital identity. From the perspective of the metaverse, the virtual and reality have been deeply integrated. Accordingly, information has a richer production and representation form, and users have new demands and experiences. It is noted that there exist both similarities and differences in users’ information behaviors between the metaverse and traditional environments. Specifically, from the perspective of the metaverse, the research on users’ information behaviors can be based on the existing theories and combined with the characteristics of the new environment. It can be carried out from the three dimensions of the user, information, and technology to achieve more effective information resource management and user behavior understanding, so as to promote the application promotion and risk management of the metaverse.
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    A Review of Knowledge Sharing based on Social Network
    Li Gang Ji Man Chen Jinghao Ye Guanghui
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 50-58.  
    Abstract2038)      PDF(pc) (2704KB)(1943)       Save

    Nowadays, social network has gradually become one of the important methods of research on knowledge sharing. Through literature investigation, this paper has reviewed the existing research on knowledge sharing based on social network, mainly focusing on the concepts of knowledge sharing and social network, the impact factors, the models, the security and incentive mechanism and analysis measures, expecting to provide inspiration for further research.

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    Review of Tag Recommendation Method Based on Folksonomy in China
    Qiao Lvyin Zhang Min
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 41-46.  
    Abstract1984)      PDF(pc) (2858KB)(1923)       Save

    This paper began with making clear related concepts, from the perspective of ternary relationship of resource, user and tag, summarized the research status quo on tag recommendations based on Folksonomy in china, put forward recommendations for future research directions.

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    An Experimental Study on the Effects of Social Media and User’s Anxiety
    Liu Luchuan Zhang Bingqian Li Xu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2019, 9 (2): 66-76.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2019.02.066
    Abstract3074)      PDF(pc) (2358KB)(1881)       Save

    The development of social media is facing the problem of users’ negative emotions and passive behaviors today, while the traditional theory of continuous use of information systems could not sufficiently explain the problem in question. Based on the overload perspective, this paper constructed the theoretical model of the influencing factors of social media users' anxiety from four dimensions: information redundancy, information authenticity, system usability and system diversity. In this study, we used the anxiety scale of clinical medicine, and designed a user psychology experiment to analyze the relationship between the four social media characteristics and the level of users’ anxiety. The study found that when users using social media, their anxiety was significantly higher when they perceived information redundancy and false information. The impact of system functional factors on social media users’ anxiety is not as significant as information factors. This study laid a significant theoretial foundation for a comprehensive understanding of social media users’negative emotions, providing guidence for the users’psychological counseling and intervention.

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    A Review of Private Paradox Research Abroad
    Liu Ting Deng Shengli
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2018, 8 (2): 104-112.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2018.02.104
    Abstract2393)      PDF(pc) (1086KB)(1868)       Save

    This paper selects and summarizes the articles about the privacy paradox in overseas, and make a comprehensive and systematic review. Based on the articles about privacy paradox which were included in Web of Science and related citation papers, this paper has a detailed analysis of empirical research, interpretation and coping strategies using the method of content analysis. Finally, the shortcomings of the existing research results are summarized and the future research is prospected.

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    A Literature Review about the Evaluation of Health Apps Abroad
    Tong Jingjing Deng Shengli
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (4): 28-40.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.04.028
    Abstract2321)      PDF(pc) (2778KB)(1868)       Save

    With the rapid development of the smartphone, users can employ smartphone apps to help them manage their health. This paper mainly reviews evaluation of health apps and systematically collecting, arranging and analyzing the literatures related to the assessment of health apps. It reviews on the evaluation progress from the aspects of evaluation criteria,methods and results. In addition, the evaluation indicators and criteria are generalized in order to provide reference for assessment and selecting. Finally, it gives the working directions of next steps.

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    A Review of Online Medical Research Based on Knowledge Graph
    Wu Jiang Huang Xiao Dong Ke
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (2): 4-12,21.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.02.004
    Abstract2305)      PDF(pc) (3169KB)(1867)       Save
    Online medical is the new application of the Internet in the classical medical industry, the study of this area attracts wide attention of management academic fields. This paper uses the data of online medical literature included in Web of Science to do visual analysis of knowledge graph and reviews all the literatures. The results show that the British, Americans and Australians have strong research capabilities in the field; the early research basis of this field is psychology; in addition, the number of studies in this field is increasing, but the research subjects are still relatively scattered. Early research subjects mainly focus on online health information. The research of online medical community and the application of random experiment will continue to be concerned in the future.
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    Review of Corpus Research in China
    Huang Shuiqing Wang Dongbo
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (3): 4-17.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.03.004
    Abstract3166)      PDF(pc) (1624KB)(1860)       Save
    With the in-depth development of big data and artificial intelligence technology, corpus research has received more and more attention. From the collection of language materials for linguistic research to the in-depth annotation knowledge resources supporting knowledge mining and discovery, the depth and breadth of the corpus related research have also been fully explored. This article takes the domestic journal literature as the object. First, we analyze the publishing trend of domestic corpus research, the author's cooperation and the research hotspots of different eras from a quantitative perspective. Secondly, we discuss the processes and methods of the construction and annotation of domestic corpus from a qualitative perspective. We explain the application status of corpus including the fields of language teaching, information retrieval, etc. Finally, we comprehensively discuss various representative corpus in China, and summarize the construction and development characteristics.
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    A Review of Research on Online Reviews Information Mining
    Fang Wenmin Zhang Ning Han Yanyan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (1): 4-11.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.01.004
    Abstract2141)      PDF(pc) (1147KB)(1854)       Save

    The online reviews have become the important information source of consumers making purchase decisions in the current online shopping mode. However, the rapid accumulation of reviews is an unprecedented challenge for consumers in the process of information processing and using, which makes the research value and practical value of text mining technology more and more prominent. We try to do systematic and comprehensive review on online review information mining on the basis of related literatures in recent years, summarizing three mainstream research methods of online review information mining: information extraction, sentiment analysis, text categorization and the commercial application of the research conclusions. Finally, we point out the future research direction based on the current online review information mining research. 

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