Journal of Information Resources Management ›› 2022, Vol. 12 ›› Issue (2): 4-12.doi: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.004

Special Issue: 学科发展论坛

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Exploration on the Development Trend of Information Science in the Era of Data Intelligence Empowerment

Lu Wei Yang Jinqing   

  1. School of Information Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan,430072; 
    Information Retrieval and Knowledge Mining Laboratory, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072
  • Online:2022-03-26 Published:2022-04-25

Abstract: In the age of digital intelligence, the comprehensive intervention of big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies has ushered in new opportunities for the development of information discipline. This paper first reveals the disciplinary characteristics of information science based on a review of the origins of the discipline, then analyzes the evolutionary path of information science research driven by data, and finally explores the development trend of information science by taking different periods of the disciplinary evolutionary path as a guide. The study found that information science started from scientific and technological information work, formed in the construction of information resources, grew in information management and services, developed in the expansion of information services, and has been constantly pioneering and innovating. The development of information science cannot be separated from the technology empowerment, especially the empowerment of big data + artificial intelligence and other information technology. This kind of empowerment will bring new growth points for the future development of information science.

Key words: New liberal arts, Information science, Big data, Artificial intelligence, Disciplinary development

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