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    A Study on Mining Bibliographic Records by Designed Software SATI:Case Study on Library and Information Science
    Liu Qiyuan Ye Ying
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (1): 50-58.  
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    A bibliographic information analysis software named SATI (Statistical Analysis Toolkit for Informetrics) is developed using C# based on Microsoft .NET platform. The national data fitting EndNote, NoteExpress and NoteFirst can be imported into SATI as well as international data as HTML (output from WoS). For the purpose of getting the clustering graph, multidimensional scaling map, network knowledge map, and strategic diagram, four basic functions including transforming raw data into XML, extracting selected elements, counting terms frequency and building knowledge units matrices have been implemented. Taking 17440 articles published in ten core Library and Information Science journals both at home and abroad during 2006 to 2010 as the sample, this paper revealed three potential research fields of LIS research area based on the consistency between clustering analysis and multidimensional scaling analysis results, and figured out relations and features of subject areas by interpreting the network knowledge map and strategic diagram. 

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    Study on the Resource System of Scientific and Technical Report
    He Defang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 4-9,31.  
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    Scientific and technical report is an essential support and basic safeguard for the national science and technology innovation system. On the basis of the essence and function of scientific and technical report, firstly, this paper elaborates upon the organization management system and laws and regulations of scientific and technical report in America, and the current development of China’s scientific and technical report. Meanwhile, it points out the four characteristics of the resource system of scientific and technical report, including staged resource construction, strict security classification, level collection and hierarchical service. Finally, it puts forward some promoting strategies on policies and regulations, standards, service platforms, propaganda and training, theoretical research and so on.

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    Research on the Construction of Quality Evaluation Model of Micro-blog Information
    Mo Zuying Ma Feicheng Luo Yi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 12-18.  
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    Micro-blog information has a characteristic of fragmentation, and the problem of its information redundancy is worrying. How to evaluate the quality of micro-blog information and filter the inferior quality information is a problem urgently to be solved in the development of micro-blog. This article constructs the evaluation index system of the quality of micro-blog information from the quantity of information, quality of information content, quality of information source and information utilization. It sets the index weight based on analytic hierarchy process and questionnaire survey, and constructs the quality evaluation model of micro-blog information. This research provides a theoretical framework for the implementation of quality evaluation of micro-blog information.

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    Analysis on Co-authorship Network of Scholars in Knowledge Management
    Zuo Meiyun Wen Xiaowei Hua Xiaoqing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 4-15.  
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    Who is the best connected researcher in the knowledge management area? This study uses social network analysis to address this question. Specifically, 1831 papers published in six top knowledge management research journals from 2000 to 2010 which can be available to access in Proquest database are analyzed. Firstly, by analyzing the degree distribution of the network, we find there exist a few researchers who have quite a large cooperation network, and in contrast a large sum of common researchers who have just a few cooperators. Next, we respectively identify three kinds of 20 authors who have the most connections with others according to degree centrality, who are in the core positions according to closeness centrality and who play the “bridge” roles in the network according to betweenness centrality separately. Finally, two biggest connected sub-graphs, the 57-Actors Graph and the 39-Actors Graph are extracted and discussed respectively, where exist two influential researchers, namely Bontis, N. and Guthrie, J..

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    Review and Progress in Research on Credibility Evaluation of Information on the Web
    Wang Ping Cheng Qikai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 46-52.  
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    Users’ demand on information access, management and service quality becomes increasingly strong because of the rapid growth of information resources on the web; the credibility evaluation of the web-based information has attracted the attention of scholars. We sort out and commented the theory, methods and applications of credibility evaluation of web-based information respectively,and propose recommendations for web-based information credibility evaluation research, and looking to the future research development direction.

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    Link Analysis Indexes Effectiveness Analysis on Evaluating University Websites Rank
    Cheng Huiping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (3): 46-51.  
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    First, the paper makes a review and analysis on the indexes, which domestic scholars applied to the website evaluation. On that basis, the paper selects 11 indexes, takes 34 universities' websites as its research object, and makes an evaluation on the above websites with grey relational analysis and factor analysis methods. Then, the paper makes a comparison analysis between gray relational coefficient rank and factor score rank by spearman rank correlation test. The result shows that two ranking results are highly relevant, and the sorting consistency is remarkable. links from all pages, links except from this domain to entire site, links from home page, Average daily IP traffic contributes greatly to university website influence.

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    M-Government from Rhetoric to Reality: Driving Forces, Value Targets and Realization Paths
    Xie Huan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (3): 84-88.  
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    In Mainland China, the M-Government has been from rhetoric to reality. Why does it develop so rapidly? On one hand the M-Government adapts the development trends of electronic government and meets the requirements of the service-oriented government, which are the initial drive forces. On the other hand, the mobile technology and the awakening of civic awareness which promote the development the M-Government from the outside, in Mainland China. The value targets of M-Government are making the government's services more generalized, personalized, value-added, high-efficient and interactive. To realize these targets, it is needed to accelerate the change of government personnel consciousness and organization, build the participation mechanism which encourage multi-body to cooperate and prefect the law environment of M-Government' development.

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    Review of Tag Recommendation Method Based on Folksonomy in China
    Qiao Lvyin Zhang Min
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 41-46.  
    Abstract2010)      PDF(pc) (2858KB)(1935)       Save

    This paper began with making clear related concepts, from the perspective of ternary relationship of resource, user and tag, summarized the research status quo on tag recommendations based on Folksonomy in china, put forward recommendations for future research directions.

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    The Inspiration of OCLC Worldcat Cloud Computering Digital Library on Government Information Services in China
    Wen Zhaojian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 82-87.  
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    As the rise of cloud computing technology brings a revolution to the whole structure of the Internet,OCLC is the first organization to impel the cloud computing technology in digital library in 2009, and to unite libraries into Worldcat, the largest digital library in the world. This thesis will analyse the internal structure of Worldcat digital library, in order to summarize its revelation of government information services in China.

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    Research on the Scientific Data Management and Sharing Policies in Australian Universities
    Wanyan Dengdeng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (1): 30-37.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.01.030
    Abstract1631)      PDF(pc) (1022KB)(783)       Save

    This paper surveys the driving force and content of the scientific data management and sharing policies of Australian university, by using the methods of network survey and content analysis, then summing up their characteristics and shortcomings. Drawing on the experience of Australian, in order to develop the scientific data management and sharing policies of colleges and Universities in China, the driving force should be to create favorable conditions, the policies content should be complete and comprehensive, the rule should be explicit, to stipulate the responsibility of parties and update the content of policies in time.

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    An Empirical Research on Crowd Constitution and Crowd Behavior of Network Public Opinion for Emergencies
    Li Gang Chen Jinghao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (1): 42-49,25.  
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    Nowadays network has come to pervade every aspect of our lives,and our society has become more dependent on it. As a result, the emergency of network public-opinion events is happening more and more frequently than ever before. Owing to this, the research on crowd constitution and crowd behavior of network public opinion has important theoretical and practical significance to prevent, detect, lead and control the network emergencies. In this paper, it first introduces the concepts of opinion leader, audience and crowd mind. After that the research framework, process of data acquisition and preprocessing, and cluster method are illustrated. Furthermore, the results of cluster analysis are interpreted, and the crowd behaviors in network emergence are discussed. Finally, the future study trends is discussed and developed.

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    The Practice and Enlightenment of Cultural Memory Projects in China and Abroad
    Shen Xiaojuan Shi Xin Wang Xiuxiang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 14-21.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.014
    Abstract2121)      PDF(pc) (907KB)(1601)       Save

    In recent years, a number of cultural memory projects were implemented both at home and abroad in order to protect the historical and cultural heritage, and preserve the national memory better. This article sorts out some of the important cultural memory in China and abroad, summarizes the main features of the foreign cultural memory projects, and comparatively analyzes the problems that the Chinese cultural memory projects are facing. On this basis, the article gives four suggestions to implement the culture project in China: making overall plan in the national level; the national library taking the lead; paying close attention to the key issues and difficulties, and promoting and utilizing the results of the project.

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    Characters and Promotion Strategies of the Long-term Preservation of the Digital Heritage in China and Abroad Based on the Practical Cases
    Nie Yunxia
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 38-45.  
    Abstract2352)      PDF(pc) (1171KB)(1559)       Save

    In the environment of network, the digital resources grow fast. Digital resources with social, economic, cultural value are important information resources. However, there is trouble with the long-term preservation, utilization and inheritance of the digital heritage for the vulnerability of its own. In order to avoid the uncertain risk, it is particularly urgent to research and solve the problems during the long-term preservation of the digital preservation. It is the premise and basis to analyze the current situation of the long-term preservation of the digital preservation. From the angle of the concept of digital heritage, and on the basis of the domestic and overseas typical practices, it explores the characteristics of the current situation of the long-term preservation of the digital heritage. Further, it suggests some strategies for promotion.

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    Bibliometrics Analysis of Research on Government Information Resources Management in China
    Wang Xincai Yuan Xiaoling
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 63-68,95.  
    Abstract1967)      PDF(pc) (3418KB)(1076)       Save

    Government information resources management is an emerging research area in China.It has only about 20 years of theoretical study history, while its research has developed quickly since 1993, and now it tends to be stablized with lots of theoretical achievements developed . In this article, we did quantitative and qualitative analysis on research articles about government information which were retrieved from CNKI, and revealed current study situation of government information resources in China based on statistical analysis on the growth law of literature, literature sources, the author and work unit, keywords, etc.

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    Development Research of Grid Portal in China Based on Mapping Knowledge Domains
    Sun Yusheng Qiu Rongrong
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 59-66.  
    Abstract2088)      PDF(pc) (2931KB)(1123)       Save

    As the interface of the users and grid applications,grid portal shields the complex grid environment,provides the users with convenient ways calling grid resources and plays an important role in improving the usability of grid technology. This article uses analytical method of mapping knowledge domains,takes CNKI as the data source and makes co-word analysis as the basic method. It utilizes the mutations detection algorithm of CiteSpaceⅡ to detect the research focuses and research frontiers of domestic grid portal,generates hybrid network mapping with co-occurrence of terms and related authors of research focuses and research frontiers,combines quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis and analyses the research themes and related researchers of domestic grid portal in its development process objectively and comprehensively. And then,it reveals the development process of grid portal in China. Firstly,in recent years,the research of domestic grid portal mainly focuses on four aspects which include research category,research purpose,application technology and research application. Secondly,the domestic grid portal field mainly derives four research frontiers which are the design of system structure of grid portal for finite element analysis,science data,work flow system and grid portal security. Finally,the research focuses and research frontiers of domestic grid portal evolve and advance mutually.


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    The Positive and Negative Social Effect of Microblog Information Dissemination
    Chen Yuan Yuan Yanhong
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (2): 48-54.  
    Abstract1928)      PDF(pc) (2292KB)(1357)       Save

    As one of the social media, the spread value of microblog is becoming obvious. This article explores the pattern and characteristics of microblog information dissemination, analyzes its positive social effect from the media value, government value, commercial value, personal worth four aspects, and points out that its negative effects are lacking of control system, information overload and copyright problems.

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    Exploring Impacting Factors of Online Group-buying Intention from the Perspectives of Technology and Risk
    Rao Yiqing Zha Xianjin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (1): 33-41.  
    Abstract1714)      PDF(pc) (2672KB)(947)       Save

    Development of information technology has greatly changed people’s shopping style. Recently,a new e-business model of online group-buying gradually attracts the focus of the public. Under the theoretical background of both technology acceptance model and perceived risk,this study develops a research model exploring the impacting factors of online group-buying intention. We use survey method to collect data and use PLS (Partial Least Squares) Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to test the research model. We find that perceived enjoyment is the key factor of consumers’ attitude toward online group-buying which further affects online group-buying intention. In addition,we find that perceived risk has no significant influence on online group-buying intention. This study can help advancing our understanding on the formation of online group-buying intention,and provide reference and suggestions for the marketing practice of online group-buying.

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    Analysis and Revelation on Research Data Preservation Policy Abroad
    Si Li Li Yueting
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 45-50.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.045
    Abstract2367)      PDF(pc) (811KB)(1683)       Save

    The funding agencies and universities of some developed countries formulate research data preservation policy. Through analyzing the specific content of these policies, including ownership, principal investigator, minimum preservation periods, place, format of research data and disposing the data over retention periods. We get some revelation: clearing rights and responsibilities of people involved in research data preservation, establishing complete rights protection system to protect research results, formulating policy to save resource of scientific research and increase scientific data utilization rate.

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    Preservation Mode Research of Public Digital Cultural Resource
    Xiao Ximing Zhang Fangyuan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 37-44,57.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.037
    Abstract2180)      PDF(pc) (2865KB)(1286)       Save

    In nowadays, libraries, museums and other public cultural institutions are all experiencing cooperation actively between each other. From the perspective of cooperation, such memory institutions collaboration mode are various from building alliance, aligning to integration. From the perspective of long-term preservation, such memory institutions have explored several kinds of collaboration mode, such as “centralized management & centralized storage”,“centralized management & distributed storage”,“scatter storage & centralized integration”.What these measures show is characteristics of digital convergence, which include: libraries have taken the leading role; subjects of convergence are variety; objects of convergence are of parallel; content of convergence are assimilation; forms of convergence are various.

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    LIS Education Reform Based on Intelligence Analysis in the Big Data Era
    Deng Shengli Ling Fei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (3): 88-94.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.03.088
    Abstract2081)      PDF(pc) (960KB)(1150)       Save

    There is a new request for library and information science(LIS) education in big data era, which shows the importance of intelligence analysis. This paper studies the important effect of intelligence analysis in the work of library and information services, investigates the curriculum related to intelligence analysis in both international and local LIS education institution, and points out the weaknesses of intelligenceeducation in China. Finally, combining IA with the characteristics of big data era, it proposes the key step in LIS education reform.

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    UK Electronic Health Records Development and Its Implications to China
    Zhou Lihong Liu Lu Zhao Yiming
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 94-100,封3.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.094
    Abstract2451)      PDF(pc) (2910KB)(2251)       Save

    By reviewing and analysing the related information, literature and government reports on the development of UK electronic health records, this paper intends to gain experiences on the issues of basic information collection, archive creation, reservation and maintenance, and information review process. Moreover, current problems on ineffective budget control, projects delay, and community cultural conflicts are also reviewed and analysed in this paper, in order to articulate and provide useful suggestions to the construction of digital health records in China.

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    A Comparative Study on Within-Document Visualization Analysis Tools
    Lu Quan Zhao Qin Chen Jing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (2): 63-71.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.02.063
    Abstract1518)      PDF(pc) (6257KB)(1286)       Save
    This paper combs the existing within-document visualization analysis tools. According to the differences of visual objects, these tools are divided into three types, based on within-document lexical distribution visualization, based on within-document semantic structure visualization, and based on within-document topic visualization. Then twelve kinds of typical tools are analyzed in detail and compared from the applicable documents, text analysis method, visual representation, visual object, interaction, advantages, limitations and other aspects. And thus this paper summarizes the characteristics of three types of tools, the differences and similarities. Finally, some suggestions for the development of the existing within-document visualization analysis tools are proposed, which aim to provide reference for researchers.
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    The Impact of Big Data Age on Information Management Education: Challenges and Countermeasures
    Zhang Jianian Luo Yi Chen Baitong
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (1): 105-112.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.01.105
    Abstract1474)      PDF(pc) (1367KB)(727)       Save

    The development of big data and its technologies has been a revolutionary impact on the various domains of data analysis and information services. Thus it has massive needs for talents of data analysis. How does information management education adapt to the impact and the needs of personnel training? After introducing the concept of big data and relative technologies, the paper discusses the big data’s influences on the course system, theoretical basis, and practical application of iSchools education. And then, this paper also discusses the possible negative effect of big data. In the end, the paper puts forward the strategic reform of information management education to meet the requirements of personnel of data analysis, meanwhile, it sujests that we should insist on keeping the core idea of information management education in the big data age.

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    Mixed-Methods of Measuring User Experience in Information Interaction
    Fang Yuling Deng Shengli Yang Lina
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (1): 38-43.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.01.038
    Abstract2051)      PDF(pc) (794KB)(2155)       Save

    The paper analyses both the pragmatic and hedonic aspects of user experience in information interactions under the new situation. Methods used to measure user experience are described, which included self-report measures, the behavioral data and the physiological data that is comparatively new. Finally the application of mixed-methods approach to measuring user experience is discussed on the basis of document analysis.

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    Cloud Computing: A Literature Review by Using Social Network Analysis
    Wang Nianxin Hu Donglan Jia Yu Ge Shilun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (2): 44-53.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.02.044
    Abstract2061)      PDF(pc) (4162KB)(956)       Save

    Cloud computing is one of the top concerns in information system discipline. 168 cloud computing related articles were got after searching in 18 information system prestigious journals and 2 top information systems conferences, and social network analysis was conducted to these papers. Firstly, the important literature was identified based on degree centrality and betweenness centrality. Secondly, evolution path of cloud computing research was investigated by main path analysis. Thirdly, factions analysis was executed to the papers, and four subgroups were found, which were titled as perception perspective, business perspective, technology perspective, and application perspective. Finally, this paper was concluded by research limitations and future research direction.

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    Empirical Study on the Effects of Perceived Value and Social Influence on User Loyalty for Social Networking Sites
    Gu Rui OH Lih-Bin Wang Kanliang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 10-21.  
    Abstract2481)      PDF(pc) (1567KB)(2386)       Save

    Social networking service (SNS) has attracted a large number of users because of its ability to provide personalization and socialization. However, SNS providers are facing the critical issue of the decrease in both user base and usage rate due to severe competition. Hence, it is of paramount importance for SNS providers to keep their websites sticky and to develop user loyalty. This study proposed a research model of SNS user loyalty comprising of perceived utilitarian value, hedonic value, and social influence as the antecedents. Data on 289 SNS users were collected and empirically analyzed using factor analysis and structural equation modeling method. It was found that both perceived utilitarian and hedonic value have significantly positive impact on user satisfaction and loyalty, and social influence significantly and positively impacts user loyalty. Lastly, discussion of research findings and implications for SNS providers, as well as suggestions for future research are provided.

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    Comparative Analysis of Research on Location Services at Home and Abroad in Recent Ten Years
    Zhang Qiuzi Zhao Rongying
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 67-77.  
    Abstract2344)      PDF(pc) (7062KB)(1133)       Save

    LBS(Location Based Service) is a value-added service, which depends on the users’ location information gotten by positioning technologies and the support of GIS platform. While LBS has developed more than ten years in China, it never reached a large-scale development like Foursquare(an APP for LBS) in USA. This paper collects data of LBS in 2001~2012 from CNKI and the Web of Science, then compares the high-frequency keywords, research directions and research hotspots at home and abroad. By comparing the current situation and directions of the research, the author attempts to give some suggestions for LBS development of our country.

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    Research on Critical Factors of the Behavior of Obtaining Online Health Information in America
    Wang Meng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 47-58.  
    Abstract1939)      PDF(pc) (1659KB)(1297)       Save

    Internet users can access to a lot of health knowledge and health care information which can guide their care-seeking behavior. Basing on the previous research, the study build up a conceptual model which can test critical factors of the behavior of obtaining online health information. Then empirical data is collected from questionnaire, and SPSS and AMOS is used to test the model. The result shows that the information behavior is different between men and women; education and income are very closely related to access information behavior; satisfaction is lower in real life, while the network access to health information is more positive; meanwhile,the users will be more active to obtain information online with their online needs met more,their online interaction more frequently and the risk perception higher.

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    Temporal Related Topic Detection Approach on Microblog
    Zhuang Tingting Wang Ping Cheng Qikai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 40-46.  
    Abstract2422)      PDF(pc) (1095KB)(1762)       Save

    Topic in microblog data is dynamic. Aiming at detecting microblog’s topic more precisely, we should make use of the context of given microblog other than its text content. This paper proposes a temporal related topic detection method. This method can be divided into four phases: preprocessing, feature selection, topic detection, topic evolution analysis. Experimental results on real data show that the methods we propose in this paper perform well.

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    A Review of Knowledge Sharing based on Social Network
    Li Gang Ji Man Chen Jinghao Ye Guanghui
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 50-58.  
    Abstract2076)      PDF(pc) (2704KB)(1971)       Save

    Nowadays, social network has gradually become one of the important methods of research on knowledge sharing. Through literature investigation, this paper has reviewed the existing research on knowledge sharing based on social network, mainly focusing on the concepts of knowledge sharing and social network, the impact factors, the models, the security and incentive mechanism and analysis measures, expecting to provide inspiration for further research.

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