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    Research Progress in the Application of Flow Theory Abroad
    Jiang Tingting,  Chen Peilong Xu Yanrun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 4-16.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.004
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    Flow refers to the holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. Related research of flow mainly focuses on the fields of education, computer and business administration, and has not been widely used in information behavior research. This study conducted a systematic review on 78 empirical studies that applied the flow theory. According to the research framework, those empirical studies were divided into three categories: the antecedents that affect the flow experience, the flow consequences triggered by the flow experience, and the mediating effects of flow experience between the antecedents and consequences. Combined with Person-Artifact-Task (PAT) model, this study summarized the related studies and elaborated on the practical enlightenment that flow can bring to real life, actively considered possible breakthroughs in flow measurement methods, and provided a clear and systematic approach to the application of flow theory to information behavior research.
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    Criteria of Structural Equation Modeling: Comparisons and Enlightenments of CB-SEM and PLS-SEM
    Yuan Ye Shiau Wenlung Yu Yuan Wang Kanliang Li Yiran
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 6-22.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.006
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    Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used to analyze the complex relationships between observed variables and latent variables. Covariance-based structural equation modeling (CB-SEM) and partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) are the two types of SEM. SEM has been widely used in social science such as organizational management, information systems, marketing management and other disciplines. In recent years the number of research papers using PLS-SEM method has increased. Since CB-SEM and PLS-SEM are different in algorithm and requirements, the application of unsuitable methods may lead to inaccurate results. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the differences between the two methods and report guidelines. This paper reviews the conditions and application criteria of CB-SEM and PLS-SEM, and takes the use of fintech by wealth management enterprises as an example to compare the analysis process and results of the two methods, emphasizing the importance and necessity of choosing appropriate methods. This paper provides a valuable reference for researchers to use SEM for accurate data analysis.
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    Users’ Information Behavior from the Perspective of Metaverse:Framework and Prospect
    Wu Jiang Cao Zhe Chen Pei He Chaocheng Ke Dan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 4-20.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.004
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    The metaverse is a digital society of the ternary world, in which people participate in the integration of virtuality and reality with a digital identity. From the perspective of the metaverse, the virtual and reality have been deeply integrated. Accordingly, information has a richer production and representation form, and users have new demands and experiences. It is noted that there exist both similarities and differences in users’ information behaviors between the metaverse and traditional environments. Specifically, from the perspective of the metaverse, the research on users’ information behaviors can be based on the existing theories and combined with the characteristics of the new environment. It can be carried out from the three dimensions of the user, information, and technology to achieve more effective information resource management and user behavior understanding, so as to promote the application promotion and risk management of the metaverse.
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    A Review of Metaverse Research and Applications
    Star X.Zhao Qiao Lili Fred Y.Ye
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (4): 12-23,45.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.04.012
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    In review of the current situation and future of research and application of metaverse, this paper focus on four aspects: theoretical concepts, key technologies, application scenarios and policy governance. The academic community has now formed three major theoretical perspectives: parallel universe view, fusion universe view and evolutionary universe view, which converge three technological development paths of replicated reality, augmented reality and transcendental reality, respectively. The digital economics in business life, industrial production, culture and education, and urban society have produced a positive weather of blossoming. In terms of governance, this paper suggests that the development of metaverse in China should be built with "autonomous and controllable" industry, "virtual-reality interaction" direction and "inclusive and prudent" attitude. Finally, this paper presents three basic metaverse indicators, namely metaverse index, metaverse duration and metaverse population, to characterize the space, time and development of metaverse respectively.
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    Recognizing Clinical Named Entity from Chinese Electronic Medical Record Texts Based on Semi-Supervised Deep Learning
    Jing Shenqi Zhao Youlin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 105-115.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.105
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    The electronic medical record document records the entire process of patient diagnosis and treatment in detail. Medical knowledge is the most abundant in the electronic medical record. Therefore, it is of great value to explore the potential knowledge structure of the electronic medical record document. The primary task for knowledge mining of unstructured electronic medical records is named entity recognition. The existing named entity recognition methods in the medical field face the problems of low quality and insufficient annotation data. At the same time, the existing methods only consider the sequence characteristics of the text, and ignore the dependence between words and characters in the text, which limits the effect of named entity recognition. This paper proposes a medical named entity recognition method based on semisupervised deep learning, which combining the semiautomatic entity annotation method of Chinese encyclopedia with expert authority and the BERT-GCN-CRF framework to perform medical named entity recognition and extraction on electronic medical record text. Taking the real electronic medical record text as the experimental object, the accuracy, recall, and F1 value obtained by this model are significantly improved, and the comprehensive average of P, R and F1 are 84.6%, 84.0% and 84.2%, respectively. At the same time, the workload of manual labeling is significantly reduced. The new method is of great significance to the unstructured text mining of electronic medical records.
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    The Main Practice and Basic Experience of Foreign Government Data Asset Management
    Xia Yikun Guan Qian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 18-30.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.018
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    In the digital era, with the rapid expansion of government data volume and the updating of technological means, especially with the continuous promotion of big data strategy, open government data strategy, artificial intelligence strategy, and digital economy strategy, the important value of data as a strategic asset has become a global consensus. Focusing on the full realization of government data value and risk balance,this paper takes the strategies, policies and practical regulations of government data assets management in representative countries as the research object, then analyzes and summarizes its common characteristics and basic experience. That is, at the macro level, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive view of data assets and promote the overall layout of data asset management; at the meso level, the process management of data assets should be strengthened based on policies and schemes; at the micro level, the comprehensive application of technology, multiple partners, capabilities, and other elements should be used.
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    Exploration on the Development Trend of Information Science in the Era of Data Intelligence Empowerment
    Lu Wei Yang Jinqing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 4-12.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.004
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    In the age of digital intelligence, the comprehensive intervention of big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies has ushered in new opportunities for the development of information discipline. This paper first reveals the disciplinary characteristics of information science based on a review of the origins of the discipline, then analyzes the evolutionary path of information science research driven by data, and finally explores the development trend of information science by taking different periods of the disciplinary evolutionary path as a guide. The study found that information science started from scientific and technological information work, formed in the construction of information resources, grew in information management and services, developed in the expansion of information services, and has been constantly pioneering and innovating. The development of information science cannot be separated from the technology empowerment, especially the empowerment of big data + artificial intelligence and other information technology. This kind of empowerment will bring new growth points for the future development of information science.
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    Evaluation of Telemedicine Policies Based on PMC Index Model
    Zhai Yunkai Guo Liuyan Zhao Dongxiang Lu Wei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 112-122,137.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.112
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    The evaluation of the telemedicine policy text can provide theoretical support and decision-making basis for the scientific formulation, effective implementation, adjustment and optimization of telemedicine policies. First, the telemedicine-related policy texts were collected and preprocessed, the high-frequency words were extracted through text mining, the keywords co-occurrence network was generated, and a PMC index model consisting of 10 first-level indicators and 48 second-level indicators was constructed. Then, seven representative telemedicine policies in China were selected as samples for further analysis, by calculating the PMC index and drawing the PMC surface diagram to analyze the pros, cons and optimize path of various policies, and the policy comparison analysis is carried out by radar chart. It is find that the overall design of policy samples are relatively reasonable and can effectively promote the development of telemedicine. Finally, a series of recommendations for telemedicine policies were put forward: ①In the process of telemedicine policy formulation, the predictability should be increased and the corresponding supervision mechanism should be introduced; ②setting multi-stage goals in long-term planning and accelerating the formulation of a dedicated telemedicine policy technology roadmap; ③enriching incentives and restraints means and refining the incentive measures taken; ④the government should strengthen policy priorities, clarify policy objectives, broaden policy scope, enrich policy content, and improve the incremental effect of the policy on the development of telemedicine.
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    Review on the Influencing Factors of Social Media Users’ Information Avoidance Behavior
    Dai Bao Yang Zeguo
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 13-24.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.013
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    This paper aims to uncover the influencing factors of social media users’ information avoidance behavior to provide convenience to scholars for future research, and it also provides theoretical guidance to relevant organizations for their practices of decreasing individuals’ information avoidance so as to improve the effectiveness of information communication. In order to find the main causes of social media users’ information avoidance behavior, the existing literature about ad avoidance, news avoidance, and other types of information avoidance were analyzed by using the systematical review approach. The results showed that social media users’ information avoidance was mainly impacted by the information-related factors (e.g., information quality, amount, and expression form), the user-related factors (e.g., cognition, affection, interests, attitudes, and behaviors), and situation factors (e.g., the characteristics of social media, and social influence of other users).
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    Value Co-Creation Theory and Its Application and Prospect in the Field of Information System Research
    Zhou Yusheng Yuan Qinjian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 17-26.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.017
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    To clarify the origin and development of value co-creation theory and its application progress in the field of information systems to provide insights for scholars who need to apply value co-creation theory in the field of information systems, this paper reviews and summarizes the application of value co-creation theory in the field of information systems, and summarizes the current research achievements, existing problems, and future research directions. The application of value co-creation theory in information system research mainly includes five aspects: information system design, information technology service innovation, consumers’ online participation in enterprise value co-creation, online information/knowledge sharing behavior, and online word-of-mouth and consumer purchase intention. In the meantime, there were still some undefined problems in the existing research, including “lack of research on the effect of cultural factors on value co-creation” and “lack of support from behavioral data”. Moreover, the future direction should pay more attention to the effect of cultural differences on value co-creation, consumers’ actual value co-creation behavior, and user value co-creation in different types of social platforms.
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    Research on Cognition and Judgment of Short Video Credibility
    Liu Pingping Chen Ye Cheng Xi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 85-94.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.085
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    Given the uneven quality of short videos in China and the insufficient judgment ability of short video credibility of some netizens, it is of great significance to investigate the cognition and judgment of short video credibility, to improve the judgment ability of short video credibility of users. This study takes college students as the survey object,combines the methods of literature research, depth interview, and questionnaire survey to explore the influencing factors of short video credibility judgment of users, as well as the importance and correlation of each influencing factor. The results show that the influencing factors of short video credibility judgment of users include four dimensions: source credibility, content credibility, media credibility, and external verification,and it is found that there is no significant correlation between the four dimensions. The research will provide theoretical support for the research on new media credibility, and provide method reference for users to judge the credibility of short videos.
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    Research on Influencing Factors of Privacy Fatigue of Mobile Social Media Users:Analysis based on Grounded Theory and Interpretative Structural Model
    Tian Xinluan Han Yuxin Zhang Xiaojuan,
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 103-113.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.103
    Abstract1005)      PDF(pc) (1942KB)(589)       Save
    Privacy fatigue has become a characteristic of the times that cannot be ignored by modern mobile social media users. This study constructs the influencing factor model of privacy fatigue from empirical data and further combs the relationship between factors to reveal the generation mechanism of user privacy fatigue. By adopting the grounded theory research method, this study collects data through in-depth interviews with 18 social media users, combs and summarizes the influencing factors of privacy fatigue through the stages of principal axis coding, selective coding, and theoretical saturation test, and uses the interpretative structural model method to analyze the internal relationship between various factors. The results show that perceived cost is the direct factor affecting user privacy fatigue, self-efficacy and perceived trust are the root factors, and perceived control and self-cognitive bias play a vital role in the formation of user privacy fatigue. On the basis of summarizing the influencing factors of social media users' privacy fatigue, this paper further combs the relationship between the factors, which not only provides a theoretical reference for understanding the influencing mechanism of users’privacy fatigue but also provides a new research perspective for the prediction of users’privacy behavior in the future.
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    Frames and Impact on Vaccine Hesitancy of COVID-19 Vaccine Information among Social Media:Content Analysis and Online Control Experiment Based on Sina Weibo
    Cui Jiayong Wang Xiling
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (3): 165-180.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.03.165
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    It is important to understand how information of COVID-19 vaccine is organized among social media and how social media messages influence public vaccine hesitancy. Based on Prospect Theory and Framing Theory, this paper conducts a content analysis to analyze the organization of vaccine information in social media during the early period of COVID-19 vaccine promotion and explore the persuasion mechanism of vaccine information frames to ease vaccine hesitancy by online controlled experiment. This study found that: 1) nearly 20% of the weibo content about COVID-19 vaccine uses gain-loss frame, of which the gain frame is the majority. Individualism and collectivism values account for half respectively, and about 50% contain narrative elements; 2) the gain-loss frame and narrative elements may affect the comment intention of users; 3) the loss frame, individualism values and narrative elements in vaccine advocacy content help to alleviate one’s vaccine hesitancy, and there is an interactive effect between goal frame and justice perspective. The results revealed the mechanism of social media information on vaccination attitudes in the early stage of COVID-19 vaccination, providing enlightenment for the government and media in health promotion during the pandemic.
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    Research on the Path to Realize the Value of Data Elements
    Ma Feicheng Wu Yishu Lu Huizhi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 4-11.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.004
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    Identifying the path to realize the value of data elements is of great significance to accelerate the deep integration of digital economy and real economy. In order to explore the mechanism and path of realizing the value of data elements, this study combs the existing ways and attributes of data elements, clarifies the mechanism of realizing the value of data elements on this basis, and constructs the value realization path including basic activities, auxiliary activities and value development based on the value chain theory. The research shows that the value realization mechanism of data elements includes subject participation mechanism, marketization realization mechanism, ownership definition and transfer mechanism. Data collection, data organization, data circulation and data utilization are the basic paths to realize the value of data elements, while the three auxiliary activities of data security protection, data technical support and data talent guarantee ensure the realization of value.
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    Research on the Construction of Risk Assessment and Decision-making Model of Major Public Health Emergency
    Liu Bing Xiao Gaofei Chao Shiyu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 17-26.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.017
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    In order to establish a risk assessment and decision-making mechanism that adapts to the characteristics of different stages of the development and evolution of major public health emergencies, and play the collaborative and cooperative role of the participants and the decision support and driving role of information and knowledge, this paper constructs a dynamic and flexible risk assessment and decision-making model of major public health emergencies, which consists of four independent core levels : life cycle, risk assessment and decision-making, participants, information and knowledge, and the restricting factors and constraint conditions are the moderator variables. It provides a scientific and verifiable theoretical framework for the study of emergency management of major public health emergencies, and guides the risk assessment and decision-making practice under major public health emergencies.
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    A Review for Information Behavior Research During the Time Period of the 13th Five-Year Plan in China
    Li Yuelin Zhang Jianwei Wang Shanshan Zhang Xiaotong Zhang Tairui Li Anyi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 21-33,45.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.021
    Abstract894)      PDF(pc) (3218KB)(816)       Save
    The study conducts a content analysis of 497 research papers on information behavior published during the time period of the 13th Five-Year Plan in China, aiming to reveal the features of the research and problem existed. The results indicate that the research is concerned with various user groups and has extended to different information use environments and involved more information types. Health information behavior has been a hot topic in the area; case studies are becoming a new approach to information behavior research; an interdisciplinary research approach has been an obvious feature of information behavior research. In addition, the study identifies the shortcomings and problems, including lack of examination of the problems emerging from the development of the society from the macro level, lack of foresighted and predictive research to support the development of new technologies, lack of theoretical basis and theoretical innovation, and lack of understanding of various research methods and their limitations. The paper is concluded by a discussion how to conduct information behavior research during the time period of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the future.
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    Research on Influencing Factors and Associated Path of Mobile Social Media Fatigue Based on ISM-MICMAC
    Wan Zhen Zou Kai Zhang Yanfeng Liu Yali
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 46-55.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.046
    Abstract836)      PDF(pc) (1777KB)(711)       Save
    By analyzing the influencing factors of mobile social media fatigue, it can provide management decision-making reference for related enterprises and service operators to face and prevent mobile social media fatigue crisis. From information ecosystem theory, combined with extracted elements in four aspects of information human factors, information factors, information environment factors and technical factors based on the interpretive structure model (ISM) and cross-impact matrix multiplication applied to classification (MICMAC), the influence factors of the social media fatigue are proposed, and the corresponding mechanism model is constructed, and then the corresponding management strategy is put forward. The results show that soulmate difficulty,social anxiety,fear of missing out and compulsive use, as independent group factors, have the deepest influence on users’ social media fatigue. At the same time, the survey results also show that once the factors of low attention change, the factors of emotional exhaustion, low interest and low sense of accomplishment will change correspondingly, and further affect the users’social media fatigue behavior in varying degrees.
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    China’s Digital Inclusion Policy Analysis and Countermeasure Research: Based on the Perspective of Policy Tools
    Zeng Gang Deng Shengli
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 73-83.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.073
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    ith the rapid development of information technology, the construction of digital infrastructure continues to advance, which brings more convenience to people, but also brings the problem of "digital divide". In order to promote the digital equality of information vulnerable groups, the government has promulgated a number of policies and regulations. In this paper, 103 selected policy documents related to digital inclusion are used as research samples, and policy tools are used as research theory and basis to code, count and analyze the content of the research samples. The results show that China's digital inclusion related policies have some shortcomings, such as policy operability to be enhanced, overuse of environmental policy tools, structural imbalance between supply-demand policy tools, and poor foresight of digital inclusion policies. Based on these findings, the paper puts forward some suggestions, such as improving policy implementation rules, optimizing the structure of policy tools, and establishing a collaborative governance policy system, to provide reference for future policy-making.
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    Research on Influencing Factors of Government Information Public Sustainable Use Behavior under Public Health Emergency: Trigger Path and Evolution Analysis Based on QCA
    Duan Yaoqing Zhu Yongdi Cai Qibin Wang Rui
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (3): 89-99.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.03.089
    Abstract821)      PDF(pc) (869KB)(355)       Save
    This paper uses grounded theory to analyze the interview data of 27 interviewees and extracts the influencing factors of government information public continuance use behavior under public health emergency. Based on the extracted factors and COVID-19, a questionnaire is designed and sent to 170 users. Then the paper identifies the trigger path of government information public continuance use behavior under public health emergency through fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis, summarizes its mode, and further identifies the core factors and their evolution law, so as to realize the control of emergencies and improve the government’s ability to deal with emergencies. The results show that the trigger paths are in difference in each stage of the epidemic. Personal drive, information quality and government feedback are the key factors to trigger the continuance use of public government information under public health emergency.
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    Policy Impact of Social Science Research: The Theory Models and Evaluation Practice
    Li Mengru Jin Xuehui Sun Ruodan Meng Xiao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 91-100.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.091
    Abstract777)      PDF(pc) (3372KB)(421)       Save
    Using documentary research to summarize and abstract basic theory models and the main ideas, a three-level classification system for these models was established, four typical evaluation frameworks of policy impact were introduced, and the advantages and disadvantages of different evaluation frameworks were pointed one by one with their general characteristics and shortcomings summarized. Then we analyzed the corresponding relation between basic theory models and different evaluation frameworks, and put forward some ideas and suggestions about its development trend.
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    Development of Information Resource Management Theory Driven by Digital Intelligence
    Hu Changping Lyu Meijiao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (4): 4-11.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.04.004
    Abstract772)      PDF(pc) (917KB)(417)       Save
    The theoretical research of information resource management focuses on the form of information carrier, basic structure, internal relationship, resource development and user-oriented service. From the practice of information resource management, the construction of basic theory and forward-looking exploration must be supported by corresponding technology, that is, the development of information technology and its application determine the basic theoretical framework. Starting from the relationship between the progress of digital intelligence technology and the transformation of information resource form, this paper introduces the basic theoretical framework of information management driven by data intelligence technology and summarize the development of forward-looking theory. Focusing on the theoretical construction of information resource management discipline and the development analysis based on digital intelligence empowerment, this paper shows the theoretical development in big data and intelligence, so as to provide a reference for the research and practice of cutting-edge problems.
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    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 4-9.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.004
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    Research on the Development Status and Development Trend of Data Element Market Construction in China
    Chen Lanjie Hou Pengjuan Wang Yinuo Sun Yaoming
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 31-43.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.031
    Abstract760)      PDF(pc) (9792KB)(219)       Save
    The construction of data element market is the key of the development of digital economy in the 14th Five Year Plan period. This paper uses case analysis, induction and deduction, content analysis and other methods to indirectly reflect the market situation of data elements based on data sorting and comparison. From the perspectives of theoretical research and practical development, and from the three dimensions of policy guidance, development practice and strategic planning, this paper combs the development status and key contents of China’ s data factor market in the future. On this basis, it reveals six major trends in the development of China’ s data element market, namely, the gradual improvement of policy system, the priority of public data governance, the obvious trend of data resource capitalization, the emphasis on data diversified governance, the attention on data security and privacy protection, and the active exploration of cross-border data transactions.
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    Building Consensus and Promoting the First-Level Discipline Construction of Information Resource Management
    Ma Feicheng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 4-8.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.004
    Abstract749)      PDF(pc) (599KB)(452)       Save
    The knowledge system of LIS & Archives Management have undergone a long period of development, and its first-level discipline has been renamed "information resource management". As a first-level discipline name, information resource management highlights the characteristics of the times, covers the entire process of the field of library, information and archives, and opens up space for new fields. It is a concept that keeps pace with the times and integrates domestic and foreign information practice. After the renaming of the first-level discipline, an important issue that the academic community needs to solve is how to strengthen the construction of new majors. I suggest that both postgraduate and undergraduate levels can be considered comprehensively. At the postgraduate level, majors can be set according to the original secondary disciplines, or the connotation of information resource management, or a combination of the first two methods, which can not only retain the original secondary disciplines, but also contain new majors. At the undergraduate level, the major name of library and archives can be renamed as information resource management or information management to promote the connection between the undergraduate catalog and the postgraduate catalog.
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    Research on the Influencing Factors of Information Avoidance Behavior of College Students as Social Media Users in Public Health Emergencies
    Wen Xinyue Cheng Huiping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 25-38.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.025
    Abstract738)      PDF(pc) (1249KB)(556)       Save
    To explore the influencing factors and mechanism of social media users’ information avoidance behavior in public health emergency, is great for providing reference path for better meeting users’ information needs and optimizing social media information environment. Taking the epidemic situation of COVID-19 as an example, college students with rich experience in using social media were selected as the research samples, and the data were obtained through in-depth interviews. Using the qualitative research method of grounded theory, this paper extracts concepts and categories, and constructs the influencing factors model of social media users’ information avoidance behavior under public health emergencies. In public health emergency, information overload and environmental factors indirectly affect social media users’ information avoidance behavior by stimulating users’ emotion, cognitive structure and risk perception; cognitive structure and risk perception directly affect social media users’ information avoidance behavior, and also stimulate users’ emotion; high wake-up emotion and low wake-up emotion in emotional factors can lead to different types of information avoidance behavior of social media users. Strong-ties social media and weak-ties social media have moderating effect in the impact of information overload on users’ emotion, cognitive structure and risk perception.
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    Research on the Formation Mechanism of Social Media Group Polarization under Hot Events
    Peng Guochao Cheng Xiao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 42-52.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.042
    Abstract710)      PDF(pc) (1084KB)(447)       Save
    By exploring the mechanism of generating social media group polarization, this study aims to provide a reference for guiding and avoiding social media group polarization. Based on the social burning theory, this study uses existing literature and selected cases to refine six explanations, including interest oppeals, news narrative framework, opinion leaders, initial media, issue types, and communication forms, and uses the clear-set qualitative comparative analysis to explore the generative path of social media group polarization. The study found that news narrative framework is a necessary condition for social media group polarization, and opinion leaders are the core condition for social media group polarization, which act as "accelerators" to jointly promote the generation of group polarization; As the "ignition temperature", the issule type has a moderating effect on the generation of social media group polarization; Hot events in the form of pictures and texts are more likely to cause group polarization on social media.
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    The Development and Operation of Data Production Factors Market
    Ma Feicheng Lu Huizhi Wu Yishu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 4-13.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.004
    Abstract699)      PDF(pc) (718KB)(522)       Save
    As the digital economy has become an important driving force for the economic growth of China, cultivating data production factors market is an inevitable requirement for further economic development. The development of digital economy and digital industry provides the basic conditions for the expansion of the data element market, but the data element market of China is still in the initial stage of development. In this paper, we review the concept and development status of the data element market. Based on key influencing factors such as data ownership, data classification, data security, and open sharing, we analyze the current difficulties and challenges of the development of the data element market. The operating mode and mechanism of the data element market are systematically discussed. We put forward advice on the development path of the data element market, which provides useful thinking for guiding the high-quality development of the data element market.
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    An Exploratory Study on WeChat Users’ Discontinuance Behavior from the Perspective of Grounded Theory
    Gan Chunmei Lin Jingjing Xiao Chen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 96-102.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.096
    Abstract696)      PDF(pc) (850KB)(269)       Save
    The increasing penetration of social media has resulted in user discontinuance. Taking WeChat as an example, this study explored the antecedents and outcomes of WeChat discontinuance. Based on grounded theory, interview data from 39 WeChat users in China were collected and further analyzed via Nvivo 11. Through open coding, axial coding, selective coding and theoretical saturation testing, this study obtained the relationship among different factors and WeChat discontinuance, and therefore developed a theoretical model of antecedents and outcomes of WeChat discontinuance. Results showed that, stimulus factors(such as upward social comparison and conflict) had significant effects on organic factors(such as negative emotional experience), which further influenced WeChat discontinuance. Also, the outcomes of WeChat discontinuance included social change, behavioral change and emotional change.
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    The Evolution and Classification of Data Monopoly:Based on Domestic Public Data and Commercial Data
    Deng Song Lyu Yuting Yang Di
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 80-90.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.080
    Abstract690)      PDF(pc) (4891KB)(537)       Save
    The rapid development of the digital economy and big data has caused an explosive growth in the amount of data in society. At the same time, data monopoly has become an important issue affecting the healthy development of the economy and society. Through literature analysis, model construction and case analysis, starting from the classification of data monopoly, the impact of data monopoly and its response are analyzed. The following conclusions are drawn: Firstly, it defines data monopoly separately from public data and commercial data, and divides data monopoly into four types: public data development type, public data monopoly type, commercial data development type and commercial data monopoly type; Secondly, the impact of data monopoly on the economy and society can be divided into two aspects: positive and negative. Different types of impacts are different. The policy measures that should be adopted are focused on strengthening data disclosure and sharing, establishing a data right confirmation mechanism, maintaining normal market competition, and afterwards supervision shifting to ex-ante supervision; Thirdly, based on the degree of data collection and marketization, a theoretical model of data monopoly classification is constructed.
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    Research on the Identification Method of Cutting-edge Patented Technology in the Industrial Field: Taking the Field of Artificial Intelligence as an Example
    Liu Jialong Ding Shengchun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 95-104.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.095
    Abstract688)      PDF(pc) (2502KB)(339)       Save
    This article proposes a method for identifying frontier patent technologies in order to discover cutting-edge patented technologies in the industry. According to the characteristics of cutting-edge patented technology with high attention, high centrality, high development potential, high scientific relevance and high technical relevance to design calculation methods for each feature, a frontier patent technology identification index system is constructed. The calculated results are respectively normalized calculated or by the gray relational analysis method, and the frontier value is calculated based on the entropy weight method. The field of artificial intelligence is taken as an example to conduct empirical research.According to the calculation results of the cutting-edge value, the patented technologies in the top 10 of the cutting-edge value from 2014 to 2019 which appear twice or more are defined as cuttingedge patented technologies. The number of applications is divided into three categories. The first category is patented technologies that have a relatively low number of applications but have a good scientific and technological foundation and a high degree of attention, the second category is developed patented technologies to lead the industry with a rapid increase in applications in recent years ,the third category is those more mature but still-developing patented technologies. It proves that the method proposed in this article is effective, and it has certain reference value for discovering cutting-edge patented technology in the industrial field in advance.
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    Analysis of the Characteristics and Related Factors of International Media China-related Reports on Public Health Emergencies:Based on COVID-19 Data
    Chen Jinghao Xie Xiankun Chen Meihe
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 76-87.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.076
    Abstract684)      PDF(pc) (4315KB)(342)       Save
     It is of great significance to analyze the characteristics of China-related reports of international online media during the pandemic of COVID-19 in China, which will help the government accurately study and judge the international public opinion environment, respond effectively, and maintain the image of the country.This paper uses statistical analysis, sentiment classification, and topic models to perform trend analysis, source analysis and content analysis on the text of the GDELT COVID-19 database. Correlation analysis is used to explore factors related to the number of China-related reports in various countries, and hierarchical clustering clusters countries with similar report characteristics. The study found that international media reports on China are mainly dominated by Western countries led by the United States, and the reports are significantly unbalanced; Negative China-related reports are mainly exported by the United Kingdom and the United States; The greater the proportion of import and exports to China in its total import and exports, the more concerned it is about China’s covid-19 epidemic; The countries with higher medical standards, their China-related COVID-19 epidemic reports account for the proportion of all reports in the country, which is lower than the average level. This paper systematically explains the characteristics of China-related reports by international media in current public health emergencies, and provides some references for the government to effectively respond to international public opinion.
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    Open Source Intelligence Acquisition and Utilization Methods for New Types of Cross-border Organized Cybercrime
    Bai Yun Li Baiyang Wang Shiyun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 65-75.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.065
    Abstract679)      PDF(pc) (4835KB)(514)       Save
    With the emergence of the network and cross-border characteristics of organized crime, the use of open source intelligence to conduct cybercrime big data association analysis based on knowledge graphs and criminal identification based on social network analysis can effectively combat criminal acts and minimize the living space of criminals. Taking "Cross-border Telecom Fraud Criminal Governance" as an example, use open-source data to construct a knowledge graph of cross-border telecom fraud events and a network of stakeholders in each event to identify the core figures of criminal groups and potential criminals. Most cybercrimes commit crimes in the form of criminal gangs or groups. In order to avoid supervision and combat, criminals gradually transfer criminal dens and communication tools abroad, and purposefully implement cross-border networks against Chinese citizens crime. Graphing cases, incidents, etc., and building large-scale knowledge nodes and relationship links, can effectively discover hidden personnel, funds, technology, information flows, etc., and help the public security department to adopt precise combat methods to curb criminal behavior.
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    The Metaverse and Libraries: A Review of Frontier Research and Future Prospects
    Zhao Yawen Lai Xingxing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 29-40.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.029
    Abstract673)      PDF(pc) (804KB)(389)       Save
    Using the literature review method, this paper first attempts to clarify the meta-question of "what is the Metaverse" from an interdisciplinary perspective. Secondly, the existing research results of the Metaverse and the library are systematically reviewed, and it is found that preliminary research results have been achieved in the two major aspects of theoretical research and applied strategy research.However, there are some problems such as the tendency of technological pragmatism about the Metaverse, the neglect of people, and the insufficient reflection on the Metaverse and Libraries research. In this regard, it is suggested that the future research on the Metaverse and Libraries should focus on the following three aspects: in terms of research methods, we should focus on advancing in-depth theoretical research on the Metaverse and Libraries from an interdisciplinary perspective; in terms of research objects, we should focus on changes in the basic concepts of the libraries field and their relations; on the research topic, the rational reflection on the Metaverse and libraries from the dual perspectives of theory and practice should be paid attention.
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    Research on Construction and Analysis of Financial Emergencies Knowledge Graph with Event Logical for Emergency Management
    Liu Zhenghao Zeng Xi Zhang Zhijian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (3): 137-151.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.03.137
    Abstract663)      PDF(pc) (13865KB)(246)       Save
    The outbreak and evolution of financial emergencies are not conducive to the stability of financial markets, and exacerbate the possibility of systemic risks. In order to timely analyze and respond to financial emergencies and improve the emergency management mechanism, it is proposed to build a knowledge graph with event logical(KGEL)of financial emergencies to reveal the evolution mechanism of emergencies and assist emergency management and decision-making. Based on the perspective of knowledge-driven event association and evolution, the study selects high-quality financial emergency text data from a large number of financial news reports and constructs a two-tier structure KGEL with 199,736 events and knowledge entities and 444,950 relationships through ontology design, event extraction and event generalization. It also analyzes the evolution logic of emergencies through cases of Baoshang Bank, to provide corresponding suggestions for the improvement scheme and countermeasures of emergency management capability based on the graph. The study results show that the KGEL of financial emergencies can deeply and comprehensively reveal the evolution logic and risk transmission law of financial emergencies, and provide scientific and effective analysis ideas for emergency management of financial emergencies.
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    Research on Topic Recognition of Key Core Technology in Industrial Chain Based on Multi-source Information Fusion: Taking AI as an Example
    Li Weisi Tan Liming Zhang Guoliang Wen Xiaofen Liao Ting Shi Min
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (1): 116-126.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.01.116
    Abstract661)      PDF(pc) (7885KB)(180)       Save
    A new round of scientific and technological revolution is booming, and global competition in science and technology is increasingly encouraging. In the process of science and technology management, it is very important to scientifically judge the trend of industrial innovation and select key technology projects for layout. This paper elaborates the concept characteristics of the key core technology of the industrial chain process multi-source information such as scientific papers, projects, achievements and patents and establish the key technology recognition method based on LDA model. Then the multi-source scientific and technological information in AI is collected. The key technologies are forecasted based on the AI industrial chain analysis. It is timely, forward-looking and professional for government and enterprises strategic decision.
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    UK National Data Security Governance: Systems, Institutions and Implications
    Zhang Tao Cui Wenbo Liu Shuo Cai Qingping Ma Haiqun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 44-57.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.044
    Abstract660)      PDF(pc) (4413KB)(401)       Save
    This article sorts out the UK national data security governance measures from two aspects. First, the UK national data security governance system is divided into five parts: personal data security, government data security, network data security, data ethics security and artificial intelligence data security; The second is to sort out the powers and responsibilities of the UK data security governance institutions and analyze their characteristics. After years of evolution and changes in the UK national data security governance, its institutional evolution is from the outside to the inside. Focusing on personal data security and human rights, the UK was an early adopter of regulatory sandbox governance mechanism. Many related systems are still applicable after it left the EU. In terms of institutions, governance system of "one center, one network" has been developed. Finally, four suggestions are put forward in view of the current situation of data security governance in our country, that is, to improve a data security governance institutional system of "one center and one network", to build a data ethical cooperation mechanism among multiple stakeholders, to establish a supervision sandbox mechanism to effectively prevent and control data security risks, and to improve the institutional system of data security in the cross-border circulation.
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    Data and Algorithm Security Governance in the United States: Approaches, Characteristics and Enlightenments
    Ma Haiqun Cai Qingping Cui Wenbo Zhang Tao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 52-64.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.052
    Abstract657)      PDF(pc) (1298KB)(504)       Save
    The new technological revolution and industrial transformation will reshape the global economy.Data and algorithms become an important driver of the new technological revolution, which also gives rise to a series of security risks. The United States has long attached great importance to data and algorithm security governance, and the study of data and algorithm security governance characteristics in the United States can play an important role in establishing and improving data and algorithm security governance mechanisms and systems in China. Starting from two dimensions of federal government, state and local government governance systems and institutions, it systematically sorts out the systems and institutional powers and responsibilities related to data and algorithm security in the United States, in order to realize the governance approach of data and algorithm security in the United States, and summarize its governance characteristics from two aspects of governance system and governance institution. Finally, four recommendations are made in the light of the current situation of governance in China: to build a "sub-field, refined, multi-level" personal privacy data security regulatory system; to build a "hardlaw for coordination" data and algorithm security governance mechanism; to establish an AI ethics code with " International discourse power"; to establish a "hierarchical, multi-party governancing" collaborative governance institution.
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    Matching Research of Demand for the Elderly Care Service and Policy Supply: Based on the Data of Baidu Knows and Zhihu Q&A Website
    Chen Jinghao Tao Ronggen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (6): 51-62.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.06.051
    Abstract644)      PDF(pc) (1396KB)(332)       Save
    In the current social background of accelerating aging growth in China, the article conducts in-depth research on the balance of supply and demand in the field of elderly care services, hoping to provide a reference for further reforming the supply side of elderly care services and improving the level of elderly care services. On the basis of defining the main body of the elderly care supply and demand, the intermediary variable of the elderly care service policy is introduced to build a framework and model for matching the supply and demand of elderly care services, and then through the collection of citizens’elderly care needs in Baidu Knows, Zhihu and other online platforms and the review of China's pension policy from 2005-2019, an empirical research was conducted on the matching between the demand for pension services and policy supply. The results show that the matching model can better measure the level of supply and demand of elderly care services, and unearth the problems of insufficient policy supply in the elderly care service field, emphasizing material over spirit, and single service supply. Measures such as adopting precise classification of services, strengthening communication between supplier and demand side, and diversifying the service systems, are proposed to improve the supply of elderly care services.
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    Computational Analysis of Public Opinion Evolution of Short Video in Emergencies
    Chen Jinghao Wang Youfeng Nie Huizi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (3): 152-164,180.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.03.152
    Abstract613)      PDF(pc) (11879KB)(510)       Save
    In emergencies, the public has become accustomed to using short video platforms to publish crisis short videos, track crisis situations, and express emotions. This has brought great challenges to public opinion research, especially when faced with massive and high-frequency short video public opinion data, quickly grasping its evolutionary law is very important, which can provide support for emergency decision-making. Based on this, this paper proposes a short video public opinion evolution analysis framework for emergencies. It includes functions such as short video collection, compression, life cycle division, account type statistics, video classification, emotional tendency calculation, and topic mining. By using the case data of "Zhengzhou 7.20 Heavy Rain", this paper verifies the framework and finds that it can well complete the analysis task.
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    Research on the Emotional Evolution Characteristics of Public Opinion Reversal Events Based on Time and Space Perspective
    He Jiejun Li Yang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (2): 88-100.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.088
    Abstract611)      PDF(pc) (3468KB)(353)       Save
    Public opinion reversal events are a special kind of public opinion events. Studying the emotional evolution characteristics of public opinion reversal events is of great significance to the comprehensive management of complex public opinion events and the stabilization of the network ecology. By dividing the life cycle of a specific public opinion reversal event and combining with the subject content characteristics, we carried out the sentiment analysis to describe the emotional evolution features of the public opinion reversal event from time dimension and the space dimension.The results show that the emotional focus and emotional tendency of netizens in each life cycle of public opinion reversal events show a complex evolutionary trend, and there are differences in public opinion attention and emotional state in different time periods and regions. Compared with ordinary public opinion events, the emotional changes of public opinion reversal events before and after the reversal have distinct characteristics, and the emotional evolution process is closely related to the development trend of public opinion reversal events.
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