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    Criteria of Structural Equation Modeling: Comparisons and Enlightenments of CB-SEM and PLS-SEM
    Yuan Ye Shiau Wenlung Yu Yuan Wang Kanliang Li Yiran
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 6-22.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.006
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    Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used to analyze the complex relationships between observed variables and latent variables. Covariance-based structural equation modeling (CB-SEM) and partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) are the two types of SEM. SEM has been widely used in social science such as organizational management, information systems, marketing management and other disciplines. In recent years the number of research papers using PLS-SEM method has increased. Since CB-SEM and PLS-SEM are different in algorithm and requirements, the application of unsuitable methods may lead to inaccurate results. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the differences between the two methods and report guidelines. This paper reviews the conditions and application criteria of CB-SEM and PLS-SEM, and takes the use of fintech by wealth management enterprises as an example to compare the analysis process and results of the two methods, emphasizing the importance and necessity of choosing appropriate methods. This paper provides a valuable reference for researchers to use SEM for accurate data analysis.
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    The Main Practice and Basic Experience of Foreign Government Data Asset Management
    Xia Yikun Guan Qian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 18-30.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.018
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    In the digital era, with the rapid expansion of government data volume and the updating of technological means, especially with the continuous promotion of big data strategy, open government data strategy, artificial intelligence strategy, and digital economy strategy, the important value of data as a strategic asset has become a global consensus. Focusing on the full realization of government data value and risk balance,this paper takes the strategies, policies and practical regulations of government data assets management in representative countries as the research object, then analyzes and summarizes its common characteristics and basic experience. That is, at the macro level, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive view of data assets and promote the overall layout of data asset management; at the meso level, the process management of data assets should be strengthened based on policies and schemes; at the micro level, the comprehensive application of technology, multiple partners, capabilities, and other elements should be used.
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    Research on the Path to Realize the Value of Data Elements
    Ma Feicheng Wu Yishu Lu Huizhi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 4-11.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.004
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    Identifying the path to realize the value of data elements is of great significance to accelerate the deep integration of digital economy and real economy. In order to explore the mechanism and path of realizing the value of data elements, this study combs the existing ways and attributes of data elements, clarifies the mechanism of realizing the value of data elements on this basis, and constructs the value realization path including basic activities, auxiliary activities and value development based on the value chain theory. The research shows that the value realization mechanism of data elements includes subject participation mechanism, marketization realization mechanism, ownership definition and transfer mechanism. Data collection, data organization, data circulation and data utilization are the basic paths to realize the value of data elements, while the three auxiliary activities of data security protection, data technical support and data talent guarantee ensure the realization of value.
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    Research on the Development Status and Development Trend of Data Element Market Construction in China
    Chen Lanjie Hou Pengjuan Wang Yinuo Sun Yaoming
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 31-43.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.031
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    The construction of data element market is the key of the development of digital economy in the 14th Five Year Plan period. This paper uses case analysis, induction and deduction, content analysis and other methods to indirectly reflect the market situation of data elements based on data sorting and comparison. From the perspectives of theoretical research and practical development, and from the three dimensions of policy guidance, development practice and strategic planning, this paper combs the development status and key contents of China’ s data factor market in the future. On this basis, it reveals six major trends in the development of China’ s data element market, namely, the gradual improvement of policy system, the priority of public data governance, the obvious trend of data resource capitalization, the emphasis on data diversified governance, the attention on data security and privacy protection, and the active exploration of cross-border data transactions.
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    Building Consensus and Promoting the First-Level Discipline Construction of Information Resource Management
    Ma Feicheng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 4-8.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.004
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    The knowledge system of LIS & Archives Management have undergone a long period of development, and its first-level discipline has been renamed "information resource management". As a first-level discipline name, information resource management highlights the characteristics of the times, covers the entire process of the field of library, information and archives, and opens up space for new fields. It is a concept that keeps pace with the times and integrates domestic and foreign information practice. After the renaming of the first-level discipline, an important issue that the academic community needs to solve is how to strengthen the construction of new majors. I suggest that both postgraduate and undergraduate levels can be considered comprehensively. At the postgraduate level, majors can be set according to the original secondary disciplines, or the connotation of information resource management, or a combination of the first two methods, which can not only retain the original secondary disciplines, but also contain new majors. At the undergraduate level, the major name of library and archives can be renamed as information resource management or information management to promote the connection between the undergraduate catalog and the postgraduate catalog.
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    Research on the Formation Mechanism of Social Media Group Polarization under Hot Events
    Peng Guochao Cheng Xiao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 42-52.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.042
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    By exploring the mechanism of generating social media group polarization, this study aims to provide a reference for guiding and avoiding social media group polarization. Based on the social burning theory, this study uses existing literature and selected cases to refine six explanations, including interest oppeals, news narrative framework, opinion leaders, initial media, issue types, and communication forms, and uses the clear-set qualitative comparative analysis to explore the generative path of social media group polarization. The study found that news narrative framework is a necessary condition for social media group polarization, and opinion leaders are the core condition for social media group polarization, which act as "accelerators" to jointly promote the generation of group polarization; As the "ignition temperature", the issule type has a moderating effect on the generation of social media group polarization; Hot events in the form of pictures and texts are more likely to cause group polarization on social media.
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    The Development and Operation of Data Production Factors Market
    Ma Feicheng Lu Huizhi Wu Yishu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 4-13.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.004
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    As the digital economy has become an important driving force for the economic growth of China, cultivating data production factors market is an inevitable requirement for further economic development. The development of digital economy and digital industry provides the basic conditions for the expansion of the data element market, but the data element market of China is still in the initial stage of development. In this paper, we review the concept and development status of the data element market. Based on key influencing factors such as data ownership, data classification, data security, and open sharing, we analyze the current difficulties and challenges of the development of the data element market. The operating mode and mechanism of the data element market are systematically discussed. We put forward advice on the development path of the data element market, which provides useful thinking for guiding the high-quality development of the data element market.
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    The Metaverse and Libraries: A Review of Frontier Research and Future Prospects
    Zhao Yawen Lai Xingxing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 29-40.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.029
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    Using the literature review method, this paper first attempts to clarify the meta-question of "what is the Metaverse" from an interdisciplinary perspective. Secondly, the existing research results of the Metaverse and the library are systematically reviewed, and it is found that preliminary research results have been achieved in the two major aspects of theoretical research and applied strategy research.However, there are some problems such as the tendency of technological pragmatism about the Metaverse, the neglect of people, and the insufficient reflection on the Metaverse and Libraries research. In this regard, it is suggested that the future research on the Metaverse and Libraries should focus on the following three aspects: in terms of research methods, we should focus on advancing in-depth theoretical research on the Metaverse and Libraries from an interdisciplinary perspective; in terms of research objects, we should focus on changes in the basic concepts of the libraries field and their relations; on the research topic, the rational reflection on the Metaverse and libraries from the dual perspectives of theory and practice should be paid attention.
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    UK National Data Security Governance: Systems, Institutions and Implications
    Zhang Tao Cui Wenbo Liu Shuo Cai Qingping Ma Haiqun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 44-57.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.044
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    This article sorts out the UK national data security governance measures from two aspects. First, the UK national data security governance system is divided into five parts: personal data security, government data security, network data security, data ethics security and artificial intelligence data security; The second is to sort out the powers and responsibilities of the UK data security governance institutions and analyze their characteristics. After years of evolution and changes in the UK national data security governance, its institutional evolution is from the outside to the inside. Focusing on personal data security and human rights, the UK was an early adopter of regulatory sandbox governance mechanism. Many related systems are still applicable after it left the EU. In terms of institutions, governance system of "one center, one network" has been developed. Finally, four suggestions are put forward in view of the current situation of data security governance in our country, that is, to improve a data security governance institutional system of "one center and one network", to build a data ethical cooperation mechanism among multiple stakeholders, to establish a supervision sandbox mechanism to effectively prevent and control data security risks, and to improve the institutional system of data security in the cross-border circulation.
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    Data and Algorithm Security Governance in the United States: Approaches, Characteristics and Enlightenments
    Ma Haiqun Cai Qingping Cui Wenbo Zhang Tao
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 52-64.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.052
    Abstract658)      PDF(pc) (1298KB)(507)       Save
    The new technological revolution and industrial transformation will reshape the global economy.Data and algorithms become an important driver of the new technological revolution, which also gives rise to a series of security risks. The United States has long attached great importance to data and algorithm security governance, and the study of data and algorithm security governance characteristics in the United States can play an important role in establishing and improving data and algorithm security governance mechanisms and systems in China. Starting from two dimensions of federal government, state and local government governance systems and institutions, it systematically sorts out the systems and institutional powers and responsibilities related to data and algorithm security in the United States, in order to realize the governance approach of data and algorithm security in the United States, and summarize its governance characteristics from two aspects of governance system and governance institution. Finally, four recommendations are made in the light of the current situation of governance in China: to build a "sub-field, refined, multi-level" personal privacy data security regulatory system; to build a "hardlaw for coordination" data and algorithm security governance mechanism; to establish an AI ethics code with " International discourse power"; to establish a "hierarchical, multi-party governancing" collaborative governance institution.
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    Human-chatbot Interaction vs. Human-human Interaction: Effects of Service Agent Perception and Two-sided Arguments in Conversational Commerce
    Li Mengxin Yi Cheng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 140-153.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.140
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    The fact that conversational commerce has been one of the most favorable ways for companies to reach customers has generated an increasing number of use cases for chatbots. Making a comparison between human-chatbot communication and human-human communication can shed light on the behavioral rules which determine how humans interact with intelligent agents and provide design and application guidelines for chatbots. This study compares human-chatbot conversation with human-human conversation in the context of online customer service to figure out whether two-sided arguments have different effects on users’ purchase intentions and experiences. A laboratory experiment is conducted with a 2 (user’s perception of the customer service agent: chatbot vs. human) 2 (conversation design: two-sided argument vs. one-sided argument). The experiment applies Wizard of Oz method, with humans performing service tasks while giving the impression to that users they are chatting with chatbots. The results show that in human-human communication, two-sided arguments have a negative impact on users’ purchase intention for the product, while in human-chatbot communication, the effect is non-significant. When users believe they are interacting with a chatbot, the positive effects of two-sided arguments on user perceptions of source credibility and pleasure are amplified.
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    The Framework, Implementation Path, and Challenges on Information Management of Supply Chain Empowered by Blockchain from the Perspective of Complex Sociotechnical Systems
    Zou Liuxin Wu Jiang Xia Mengchen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 91-102.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.091
    Abstract508)      PDF(pc) (6056KB)(556)       Save
    The combination of blockchain technology and supply chain information management is a trend in the development of digital supply chains, which attracts wide attention from many fields. This paper conducts thematic evolution analysis and clustering analysis on the scientific literature of blockchain-based supply chain information management in Web of Science. It proposes a research framework and analyzes the supply chain information management empowered by digital intelligence through blockchain technology from the perspective of complex sociotechnical systems. Through knowledge sharing, information traceability, and trust establishment, blockchain technology interlaces and verifies material circulation, commercial circulation, information circulation, capital circulation, and information at all levels of the technical system. Information management empowers the security and visualization of logistics, the transparency and traceability of commercial circulation, the sharing and immutability of information circulation, and the credibility and anonymity of capital circulation. Finally, this paper analyzes the supply chain information management practices based on blockchain technology from the management challenge and the application industry, and prospects for future research directions. It explores the transformation of information management enabled by blockchain technology from the level of technical and social systems, where thinking about information management from the perspective of complex sociotechnical systems inspires the development and digital construction of supply chains.
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    Can Balanced Information Exposure Help People Break the Information Cocoons? The Relationship Between Information Perception and Attitude Change
    Fu Shiting Jiang Tingting Tian Huiyi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 41-51.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.041
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    Balanced information exposure has been regarded as an effective approach to break the information cocoon. However, while people hope this new way to require information will completely break the information cocoon, they ignore that the selective perception mechanism rooted in people’s hearts can still make them be resistant to change their attitudes. Until now, there is still a lack of empirical evidence on whether balanced information exposure can really promote attitudinal change and play an effective role in breaking the information cocoon. A total of 39 participants were recruited to browse a mocked health knowledge Q&A platform and read two answers from opposite positions on a controversial topic. After finishing reading, they were asked to evaluate the perceived credibility, persuasiveness, and importance of each answer. Besides, their prior and posterior attitudes were collected through questionnaires before and after the experiment. The results reveal that balanced information exposure can alleviate and change some people’s attitudes, and avoid polarization for everyone. However, the selective perception phenomenon is found in a small number of people, which plays a key role in resisting attitudinal change and breaking the information cocoon. According to the results of this study, the effective way for balanced information exposure to alleviate polarization is to improve people’s perceived credibility and persuasiveness of the counter-attitudinal information. Besides, when trying to change the valence of attitudes, it’s necessary to not only improve people’s perceived credibility, persuasiveness, and importance of counter-attitudinal information but also decrease people’s perceived persuasiveness and importance of the pro-attitudinal information. This study provides theoretical implications and methodological guidance for future research, as well as some practical implications for breaking the information cocoons and correcting online rumors.
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    Data and Algorithm Security Governance in the European Union: Characteristics and Implications
    Cui Wenbo Zhang Tao Ma Haiqun Cai Qingping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 30-41.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.030
    Abstract471)      PDF(pc) (4166KB)(476)       Save
    Research on the structure and characteristics of data and algorithm security governance in typical global regions will provide a reference for data and algorithm security governance in China. The paper takes data and algorithm security as the governance object to investigate EU’s realization of the governance goal on digital sovereignty and technological sovereignty. In terms of governance content, the framework of the EU data and algorithm security governance with the core of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) consists of four parts: privacy and data protection, data flow security, platform algorithm security, and artificial intelligence ethics. In terms of governance subjects, with the European Data Protection Regulatory Authority and other institutions as the core, a multi-party collaborative governance subject integrating "legislation-enforcement-service" is formed. The EU data and algorithm security governance has the typical characteristics of emphasizing personal privacy data security, establishing cross-border data flow security rules, forming a collaborative security governance model for algorithm nested data, and a human-centered AI ethics and governance. Based on the characteristics of data and algorithm security governance in the European Union, three suggestions are proposed for the current situation of data and algorithm security governance in China: to improve the collaborative governance mechanism of data and algorithm security, to establish a data flow system between subjects and an evaluation mechanism for intermediary agencies, as well as a balance mechanism between AI ethical supervision and innovative development.
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    A Review of Secondary Analysis in Information Management and Information Systems Research in China: Research Methods,Topics, and Theory Applications
    Chen Liping Ren Fei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 61-78.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.061
    Abstract466)      PDF(pc) (1792KB)(574)       Save
    This study conducts a content analysis of 282 Chinese research papers published from 2012 to 2022 that use secondary analysis in the area of information management and information systems (IM&IS), aiming to reveal the distribution and trend of research methods, topics, and theory applications. The results show that the advantages of secondary analysis in data acquisition and causality identification are increasingly prominent, as reflected in the gradual diversity of data sources, rigorous empirical analysis on causality testing, richer mechanism analyses, and the emergence of mixed-method research. Four research topic trends have been identified, including macro digital development, enterprise digital transformation, information interaction between enterprise and market, and user online behavior. However, IM&IS theory development and the application of Chinese theories require further improvement. This study is novel in that it combines bibliometric analysis with machine learning methods (LDA and DTM) to reveal a multi-dimensional overview of the secondary analysis in IM&IS in China. The findings provide evidence and guidelines for further strengthening research norms, grasping research topic trends, developing and applying theories, as well as suggestions for disciplinary development and strategic research planning.
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    The "CNKI Event" has Alerted and Reflected on the Literature Database Industry in China
    Zeng Jianxun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 11-17.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.011
    Abstract443)      PDF(pc) (696KB)(241)       Save
    After Professor Zhao Dexin won the lawsuit against CNKI, the Chinese Academy of Sciences stopped using the CNKI database due to the renewal fee of 10 million yuan, which once again brought CNKI into the center of public opinion. CNKI has repeatedly fallen into the whirlpool of public opinion such as "infringement" and "high pricing", which reflects the digital governance dilemma faced by the development of literature database in China under the new situation, and needs to arouse the alarm and reflection of the literature database industry in China. According to the situation of database in China, copyright mode, exclusive license mode, pricing mechanism, version of the fee standards, product model, learning mechanism, openness, bargaining power and social attribute of domestic and foreign database, which are related to the author, journal, the literature database platform and the reader, are discussed. This paper probes into the internal causes of the difficulties in the development of the literature database industry in China and gives a deep consideration to the development path of the business model of the literature database in China.
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    Personal Information Protection in Government Information Disclosure: In the Context of Major Public Health Emergency
    Wang Fang Zheng Yuxin Zhu Hongzhi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 25-40.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.025
    Abstract437)      PDF(pc) (7373KB)(175)       Save
    In order to reveal the contextual factors of personal information disclosure (PID) in major emergencies, this study adopted the theory of “privacy as contextual integrity” to guide a content analysis of the Epidemiological Investigation Reports (EIR) publicized by 45 Chinese local governments during the period of COVID-19. The research findings include: (1) the public value and personal sensitivity of personal information and its correlation with the context are core basis for judging the contextual integrity in information disclosure; (2) the degree of PID is related to some contextual factors, such as the development of epidemic situation and the privacy awareness of local governments; (3) legal environment and cultural norms impact information subjects’ perception of PID risks and intention of personal information protection. (4) Information audience is a part of the context of PID. On these bases, a theoretical model of contextual factors in PID is constructed, and classification framework for PID in major public emergency is also built and expected to guide the practice of government information disclosure.
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    The Effect of Online Doctor-patient Interaction on Compliance of Patients with Chronic Diseases: From the Perspective of Patient Characteristics and Satisfaction
    Wang Siqi Lu Qinyan Xu Xinxiang Qin Ziru Zhang Xiaofei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 70-83.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.070
    Abstract435)      PDF(pc) (1103KB)(382)       Save
    Using online health communities to manage the health conditions of patients with chronic diseases is an important approach to relieving the shortage of medical resources and improving the health outcome of such patients in the new era. However, there are inconsistent findings in the current literature about the impact of this model on patient compliance. This paper constructs a decision model on the effect of patient-doctor interaction on the compliance of patients with chronic disease based on an online health community, taking diabetic patients on a well-known online health community in China as the research object and combining the characteristics of chronic disease patients (demand levels and complications). It explores the decision-making process of people with chronic diseases from a social support theory perspective with a view to explaining the inconsistent findings in the literature. The research results show that informational support and emotional support provided by doctors in the online health community will positively affect the satisfaction of patients with chronic diseases, so as to improve their compliance through satisfaction as a mediator variable; the demand level of patients with chronic diseases has a positive moderating effect on the relationship between emotional support and satisfaction, complications have a negative moderating effect on the relationship between satisfaction and compliance. This study enriches the research on the influencing factors and conduction paths of chronic disease patients’ compliance in the online health community, and puts forward relevant practical suggestions for the online health platform to better serve chronic disease patients.
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    Seeking and Breaking Through: ChatGPT Illuminating the Way Ahead for the Discipline of Information Resource Management
    Liu Qiong Liu Guifeng Lu Zhangping Han Muzhe Guo Keyuan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (5): 73-78.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.05.073
    Abstract435)      PDF(pc) (647KB)(364)       Save
    The application of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by the American Artificial Intelligence Laboratory OpenAI, has changed the pattern of information retrieval, making information interaction more intelligent and knowledge acquisition more accurate, and artificial intelligence has moved from professional fields to general fields. The discipline connotation, framework, personnel training and main application fields of the Discipline of Information Resource Management have also changed. This discipline should keep up with the trend, seize the opportunity, take the initiative to layout, expand the scope of business, reconstruct the ecological system of the discipline, establish multi-sector social collaboration, and cover the new format of information as much as possible in order to realize the leap-forward development.
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    Impact of Data Classified and Graded Rights Confirmation on the Realization of the Value of Data Elements
    Ma Feicheng Xiong Siyue Sun Yujiao Wang Wenhui
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2024, 14 (1): 4-12.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2024.01.004
    Abstract429)      PDF(pc) (1559KB)(330)       Save
    Data rights confirmation is essential for realizing the value of data elements and sustaining the normal operation and continuous development of data elements market. This study delves into concepts related to data rights confirmation and explores the path of how to establish a property right system to realize data rights confirmation. Furthermore, this study shows methods for the data classified and graded rights confirmation, analyzing their impact across the data value chain. Results show that in the data collection stage, the data classified and graded rights confirmation mechanism can motivate data supply, improve data quality, and stimulate market vitality. In the data organization stage, it can break down technical work, protect private data, and explore potential value. In the data circulation stage, it can regulate negative externalities, reduce transaction costs, and optimize the allocation of resources. And in the data utilization stage, it plays a key role in data compliance regulation and data value redevelopment.
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    An Empirical Study on the Influence of Socio-technical Factors on Short Video Addiction: The Moderating Effect of Recommendation Algorithms
    Xie Xinzhou Du Yan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 65-77.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.065
    Abstract423)      PDF(pc) (1232KB)(543)       Save
    Based on a socio-technical perspective, this study examined the influence of social and technological factors on short video addiction through an online questionnaire survey. The findings reveal that personalization, responsiveness, active user control, and parasocial relationships can predict short video addiction. At the same time, user’s use of algorithms moderate the relationships between various factors and addiction. It will aggravate addiction by strengthening the influence of susceptibility factors and weakening the constraint of inhibitory factors. This study emphasizes the importance of the socio-technical interaction and algorithmic context on short video addiction, which enriches theoretical models and empirical studies of short video addiction. The results provide important practical implications for improving the effectiveness of anti-addiction through the synergistic optimization of social and technological systems.
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    Research on the Development of the First-level Discipline of Information Resource Management Based on Research Theme and Citation Analysis
    Cao Shujin Cao Ruye
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 12-29.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.012
    Abstract401)      PDF(pc) (19234KB)(213)       Save
    The renaming of the first-level discipline of library,information, and archives management as information resources management is undoubtedly a good opportunity to expand the discipline space in many directions. Therefore, this paper compares and analyzes the similarities and differences between the research on library, information, and archives and the research on information resources management in other disciplines. Then we can get inspiration from it, especially from the non-library and information fields, so as to explore the development direction and expansion space of information resources management. First,we retrive the papers of library and information science, archives science, the papers of other disciplines on "information resources management" and the papers published in Journal of Information Resources Management in recent 10 years from CNKI to build four data sets. Then, we use deep learning model BERTopic to identify topics, and analyze the similarities and differences of research topics and evolution trends, citation network features and research paradigms of the four data sets. Based on this, the direction of discipline development was explored. The study found that the research on library, information,and archives and the research on information resources management in other disciplines are both oriented by national strategy, driven by digital intelligence technology, and focused on the practical problems of social development. While the library, information, and archives field focused more on the in-depth exploration of the nature, general rules, and methodology of information resources management, other disciplines paid attention to its application in all walks of life of social and economic development. In terms of the citation characteristics, the library, information,and archives field had a strong correlation with social sciences such as administration, economic management and computer science, but a weak correlation with science, technology and agriculture. It is suggested that on the basis of strengthening the foundation and constantly promoting the cross-integration of the discipline, sub-discipline such as "industry information resource management" and "data resource management" should be added to expand and deepen the knowledge system of information resources management, improve the universality and application of its theoretical methods, and strengthen the influence of the discipline.
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    To be Eclectic: Discussion on the Data Management in the Context of the Discipline Construction of Information Resource Management
    Sun Jianjun Pei Lei Fu Shaoxiong
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 9-17.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.009
    Abstract399)      PDF(pc) (725KB)(320)       Save
    The first-level discipline of “LIS & Archives Management” has been officially renamed as“Information Resource Management” (hereafter referred to as IRM), which opens a new chapter of discipline reform and strategic layout. As the new discipline name has a richer connotation, colleagues in the academic field can take this opportunity to open up new tracks and fields for development. By doing so, we can actively respond to the needs of IRM discipline development in the new era, and build a distinctive discourse system of Chinese IRM discipline. To build new advantages and dynamics for the discipline construction, "Data Management" is widely discussed by the academic community as one of the new second-level disciplines. To this end, this study deeply explains the disciplinary scope of data management, the relationship between information science, library science, archival science, and data management, and thus clarifies integration and innovation as the disciplinary orientation of data management. Next, this study explores the data management under the construction of new liberal arts, analyzes the data management towards the main economic battlefield, and thus indicates cross-innovation as the development trend of data management. Finally, this study discusses the degree education and education patterns of data management. On this basis, this study emphasizes that for the new journey of the discipline, data management can release the data dividends in the original research system of “LIS & Archives Management”, promote the cross-innovation of IRM discipline, and achieve the integration of industry-academia-research better. As such, a favorable new situation of IRM discipline construction can be created by incorporating data management.
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    Misinformation Prevention and Control on Social Media: A Systematic Review
    Wang Xuening Dong Qingxing Song Zhijun Zhang Bin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 102-113.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.102
    Abstract398)      PDF(pc) (1725KB)(212)       Save
    The prevention and control of misinformation on social media represent pressing concerns in the library and information field. The main aim of this study is to systematically review the current related studies and provide references for future research ideas. Based on the Information Ecology Theory, we provide a conceptual framework composed of three elements: information, information person, and information environment. Under each element, we delineate the prevention and control of misinformation into three stages: prevention before spreading, interruption during spreading, and correction after spreading. It finds that most researches focus on misinformation interruption, while little progress has been made in misinformation prevention. Additionally, misinformation correction studies generally aim at the description of phenomena and the analysis of rules, but few discuss engineering methods and practical applications. Future work should aim to prevent information based on its hazard, reduce the negative impact of the misinformation interruption strategies, develop new correction strategies and also verify the effect of their combinations to combat misinformation spreading.
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    An Empirical Study on the Influence Model of Social Media Users’ Disinformation Verification Behavior
    Mo Zuying  Liu Huan  Pan Daqing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (4): 72-83.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.04.072
    Abstract396)      PDF(pc) (1561KB)(264)       Save
    This paper examines the factors and paths that affect users' information verification behavior, in order to help users avoid disinformation on the internet and achieve self-purification of cyberspace. Based on the elaboration likelihood model(ELM), this paper uses questionnaire and structural equation model to develop the influence model of social media users’ disinformation verification behavior and conducts an empirical study on the factors that affecting users’ information verification behavior. The result shows that information simulation, information topic popularity and platform trust are the key factors on users’ affective reactions, while information relevance, information topic popularity, and media richness are the key factors on users’ perception of risk. The users’ attitudes, which include emotion and cognition are the primary determinants of users’ information verification behavior. This study can provide references for the management of social media platforms and the prevention of users’ spreading disinformation.
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    Concept, Distribution and Causes of Conflicting Health Information
    Dai Tong Du Jian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 114-122.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.114
    Abstract396)      PDF(pc) (1111KB)(111)       Save
    This article attempts to systematically explain the concept, distribution and causes of conflicting health information from the perspective of infodemiology. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed attention to infodemic and infodemiology. Phenomenologically, infodemic is mainly manifested as an explosive growth of information around a certain disease in a short period of time, and usually presents abnormal states such as mis-/dis-information, conflicting/contradictory information. Its essence lies in the uncertainty, contradiction and conflict of medical evidence and knowledge. Conflicting health information is defined as two or more logically contradictory health-related claims, mainly involving three dimensions of its own characteristics, temporal distribution, and spatial distribution. The Internet and social media have become the main channels for people to obtain health information, but citizens' health information literacy is still low. Therefore, this paper summarizes the causes of conflicting health information and its application value in infoveillance, evidence synthesis, knowledge transformation, and health education.
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    Redrawing the Disciplinary Blueprint in the Name of Information Resources Management
    Feng Huiling
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 4-10.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.004
    Abstract394)      PDF(pc) (659KB)(441)       Save
    This paper reviews the historical process of the renaming of the first-class discipline of "Library, Information and Archives Management" to "Information Resources Management", expounds the main reasons for the renaming of the discipline, responds to the doubts about the renaming, and finally puts forward three important tasks for the development of Information Resources Management in the future, namely, consolidating the basic theory of Information Resources Management in the new era, studying the basic framework of Information Resources Management, and ensuring the healthy development of Library Science, Information Science and Archival Science.
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    Best Deals for Livestreaming Fans:A Negotiation Model under the Anchor’ s Reputation Concern
    Yang Siyi Dou Yifan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 100-111.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.100
    Abstract392)      PDF(pc) (4766KB)(413)       Save
    In live-streaming e-commerce shows, the reputation of anchor plays a central role because it simultaneously affects the brand-side price negotiation and the anchor-side long-run profitability. This paper examines the effect of the anchors’ reputation on price negotiation with Nash bargaining model in light of the conflict between brands’ myopic focus on one-off profits and anchors’ focus on long-term reputation. Our analytical and numerical results suggest that the negotiated price is non-monotonically affected by the reputation concern. An anchor with a greater reputation concern may receive a smaller discount. Besides, the brand, the anchor, and consumers all benefit when the anchor has a moderate concern for his or her reputation.
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    Influencing Factors of Online Health Information Searching Behavior Based on DEMATEL-ISM:From a Meta-analysis of Empirical Studies at Home and Abroad
    Zhao Wenjun Meng Kai Ma Jinhui Ni Zhifei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 53-66.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.053
    Abstract390)      PDF(pc) (3687KB)(373)       Save
    Systematic analysis of the influencing factors of online health information search behavior and its hierarchical logical relationship, this paper provided theoretical guidance for deepening academic research on online health information search behavior and optimizing online health information services. To synthesize and analyze the empirical studies on the influencing factors of online health information-seeking behavior at home and abroad based on the meta-analysis method, the overall effect of these influencing factors on online health information-seeking behavior and their significance were assessed, and 16 influencing factors of online health information-seeking behavior were extracted accordingly. Then DEMATEL-ISM was introduced to analyze the hierarchical logical structure and action path among the influencing factors. The results showed that health anxiety, health literacy, self-efficacy, health status, trust, and income were located at the top of the hierarchical model and directly influenced users’online health information-seeking behavior, categorized as neighborhood influencing factors. Nine influencing factors, such as perceived risk, perceived value, social support, and information quality, were located in the progressive hierarchy model’s middle level and categorized as transitional influencing factors. Internet access was located at the bottom of the recursive hierarchy model, and was classified as a fundamental influencing factor.
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    A Study on Linking and Integrating Models for Cultural Heritage Data Resources
    Fan Wei Lin Junsong
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (6): 111-122.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.06.111
    Abstract378)      PDF(pc) (3000KB)(237)       Save
    Linking and integrating are the key components for the sharing, reusing and co-creation of cultural heritage data resources. It helps to coordinate the internal and external resources of cultural institutions, and it is instrumental in the multi-dimensional disclosure and value mining of cultural heritage features. Firstly, this article introduces three typical CIDOC CRM based data models (EDM, BioCRM and Linked Art) used in foreign cultural heritage projects. Secondly, taking the event as ceater the three models are compared and analyzed in semantic description and application. Thirdly, based on these three models, it proposes an event-oriented cultural heritage data resource linking and integrating framework with an example of the Red Army Long March event. Finally, referring to foreign practices and combined with China’ s reality, it summaries four implementation suggestions for developing cultural heritage data resources.
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    Impacts of Platforms’ Privacy Assurance Mechanisms on Consumers’ Privacy Disclosure
    Shao Xiuyan Cao Cong Wang Ping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (3): 23-38.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.03.023
    Abstract375)      PDF(pc) (2915KB)(392)       Save
    Protecting consumers’ privacy, eliminating their privacy concerns, and encouraging their self-disclosure are essential for online shopping platforms to promote personalized products and services, and maintain core competitiveness. In order to clarify the mechanism of privacy assurance mechanisms, this study integrated the elaboration likelihood model and herding theory, collected 231 samples through an online survey, and analyzed the data using SmartPLS. The results show that both trust belief and herd mentality significantly affect consumers’ privacy disclosure behavior, while trust belief has a greater effect. Both direct and indirect privacy assurance mechanisms establish consumers’ trust on platforms, however, direct privacy assurance mechanism is more effective of establishing consumers’ trust. The reputation of the platform affects consumers’ herd mentality. Consumers with higher analysis ability are more inclined to form trust belief based on platforms’ direct privacy assurance mechanism, whereas consumers with lower analysis ability rely more on peripheral cues to form trust beliefs and herd mentality. This study complements and improves the extant research, and provides useful guidelines for online shopping platforms and consumers on better privacy protection.
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    Research on Factors and Association Paths of Online Health Information Surrogate Search Behavior of the Elderly:A Perspective of Surrogated Searchers
    Chen Minghong Li Siting Zeng Beixin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 41-52.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.041
    Abstract371)      PDF(pc) (1901KB)(161)       Save
    As surrogated searchers, elderly people usually entrust others to search online health information. From perspective of surrogated searchers, the paper aims to explore the factor model and hierarchical structure of the elderly's online health information surrogate search behavior, and further to reveal its influence and correlation path and provide reference for optimizing the elderly's online information search behavior.A semi-structured in-depth interview is conducted with 26 elderly people. The interview data are coded and classified by grounded theory. The level and correlation of the influencing factors of the elderly's online health information surrogate search behavior are divided and constructed by interpretive structure model. The results show that there are four main categories, including health status, emotional needs, information literacy and self-cognition, all of which influence online health information surrogate search behavior of the elderly. Moreover, seven categories constitute factor model and hierarchical structure of influencing factors of the elderly's online health information surrogate search behavior, which is divided into the appearance layer, the key layer and the root layer. Specifically, information search ability and health status are the deepest and most fundamental factors that trigger the elderly's online health information surrogate search behavior, and they affect the elderly's online health information surrogate search behavior through information value judgment, self-efficacy and emotional needs. The paper enriches and perfects the research on the online information search behavior of the elderly.
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    Practice and Prospect of Full-text Bibliometric Analysis:Theory,Method and Application——A Review of the 2022 Academic Salon on Full-text Bibliometric Analysis
    Zhou Haichen Zhang Chengzhi Hu Zhigang Xu Shuo Yang Siluo Li Kai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 135-142.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.135
    Abstract370)      PDF(pc) (739KB)(365)       Save
    On December 1-2, 2022, the Fifth Chengdu Conference on Scientometrics & Evaluation was held, hosted by Chengdu Library and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and organized by the Sci-tech innovation Evaluation Research Center (SERC). The Third Academic Salon on Full-text Bibliometric, initiated by Zhang Chengzhi and others, was an important event of the Chengdu Conference, attracting more than 100 experts and scholars to participate and communicate. By summarizing the speeches and discussions of the guests at the salon, this article broke the main content of salon into theoretical research, technical methods and application directions, so as to reveal the research status and trend of full-text bibliometric analysis.
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    What is the Chinese Government Doing: A Content Structure Network Analysis of Chinese Government Work Report Based on Word Correlation
    Hu Jiming Yang Zexian Zhu Guowei  Wen Peng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 115-128.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.115
    Abstract357)      PDF(pc) (9159KB)(169)       Save
    Taking sentence in reports as analysis unit, this paper proposed a new research framework that can analyze the content structure of government work report based on word correlation in order to visually and quantitatively reveal the development of government works in our country. This paper chose Chinese government work reports as essential data, and extracted subject words from the text. Correlation networks at various levels were constructed according to co-occurrence relationship between pairs of words, and then indicators of the whole and individual network were calculated. In addition, the network structure, the evolution venation and trends were visualized to reveal main directions of government works, key fields, as well as their interactive structures and future trends. Results indicate that Chinese government work covered a wide range of fields during the past years. It is promoted steadily in a holistic approach, taking programmatic and responsive characteristics into consideration. Chinese government work remained consistent and continuous in changes of plans and the central government rotation, as well as greatly responsive to external environment and changes of tasks. Chinese government work mainly concentrated on 10 directions and 9 key fields, and there were two large-scale evolution venations. In conclusion, this paper effectively reveals connotations, structural characteristics, and development trends of government work through deep text mining of Chinese government work reports.
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    The Path and Empirical Study of Intelligence Support for Emergencies by Fusing Eventic Graph and Network Opinion Analysis——Taking Hazardous Chemical Accidents as an Example
    Zhang Shiying Li Yang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (4): 60-71.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.04.060
    Abstract341)      PDF(pc) (4153KB)(206)       Save
    Existing emergency intelligence support has some deficiencies, such as static knowledge, fuzzy reasoning, and spatial homogeneity. The paper proposes a path of emergency intelligence support that integrates eventic graph and network opinion analysis, aiming to improve the situational awareness and predictive response capability of emergencies in complex situations, and support emergency intelligence paradigm innovation in the era of digital intelligence empowerment. The paper constructs a framework for emergency intelligence support from the integrated perspective of reasoning and knowledge fusion, business and network fusion, and carries out empirical research using hazardous chemical accidents as an illustration. The work includes building a database of relevant emergencies, portraying the development logic of emergencies using an eventic graph, and describing the impact of emergencies in cyberspace using online opinion analysis techniques. This provides intelligence support for emergency management and decision making for new emergencies. The intelligence support path proposed in this paper can take into account the characteristics of multi-source spatial data as well as the integration of event logic and knowledge, allowing for a more systematic "past-future" intelligence prediction of emergencies. The empirical study and validation of hazardous chemical accidents also show good knowledge presentation and intelligence reasoning.
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    Personal Information Protection in Precise Advertising Technology: Based on the Text Analysis of Cookie Technology in the Privacy Policies of 100 APPs in China
    Liao Bingyi Zhang Huihui Liu Dingwen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 103-114.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.103
    Abstract341)      PDF(pc) (829KB)(387)       Save
    The development of precision advertising cannot be separated from the legitimate use of personal information. On the basis of clarifying the technical logic of precision advertising and the relationship between cookies and personal information protection. This paper uses text analysis method to conduct in-depth analysis on the contents of cookie technology in the 100 mobile app privacy policies commonly used by domestic users, and finds that the overall app privacy policy in China has made considerable progress compared with the past, especially after the promulgation of the personal information protection law. There is still significant room for improvement in the protection of personal information in precision advertising, which can be improved from the following four directions of the basic principles of privacy policy, consent mode, language expression and user rights. With the help of the government, industry and enterprises, we can jointly promote the balance between the subject of personal information protection and the subject of privacy policy formulation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the advertising industry.
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    Breaking the Algorithmic Black-box Governance Dilemma of Digital Platform Companies:Research on the Diffusion of Algorithm Transparency Strategy in China
    Li Guohao Liang Yongtao Su Jialu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (2): 81-94.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.081
    Abstract338)      PDF(pc) (4000KB)(272)       Save
    Since entering the digital economy era, the negative effects caused by the "algorithmic black box" have become increasingly prominent in China. For this reason, China has put forward new requirements for digital platform companies to improve the transparency and interpretability of algorithms. Based on this, a digital platform companies optimizing algorithm transparency strategies diffusion model has been developed by using complex network evolutionary game and the following conclusions were drew in this paper. Firstly, government regulation plays a key role in whether digital platform companies are choosing to optimize their algorithmic transparency strategies. However, with the number of digital platform companies increasing, the government regulation and penalties will be less effective. Secondly, the supervision of consumer plays a supporting role and will be particularly more important as the number of digital platform companies becomes larger. Thirdly, the cost of optimizing algorithms and the risk of disclosing the algorithms are both important factors that prevent digital platform companies from optimizing their algorithm transparency, and the ability of companies to resist the risk will also decrease as the number of digital platform companies grows. Finally, counter-suggestions were put forward based on the conclusions, which may provide some reference to the governance of digital platform companies’ “algorithm black box” in China.
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    Research on Complex Diffusion Mechanism of Public Welfare Trust Crisis on Social Media
    Li Peng Wang Xuejin Zhang Jun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2022, 12 (5): 89-101.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.05.089
    Abstract335)      PDF(pc) (8116KB)(84)       Save
    The frequent occurrence of public welfare trust crises on social media have affected the development of public welfare undertakings and the enthusiasm of the people for participation. In order to improve the governance capabilities of governments and institutions, the diffusion mechanism should be deeply analyzed. In order to describe the controversial characteristics of the events, considering the polarity of emotion and the difference of topics, this paper proposes a measurement method for the controversy of public benefits trust crises events on social media. By considering the complex contagion theory, the contagion process measurement methods such as initiation ability, social strengthening and social kinship can be constructed, which can express the characteristics of online public opinion dissemination and verify its impact on the controversy. Then taking the " Wu Hechen event” and “Qinghai earthquake event” on Sina Weibo as an example, the empirical research was carried on and found that the degree of controversy of public welfare trust crises has a large fluctuation .Moreover, the changes of the initiating ability, social kinship and complexity propagation of public welfare trust crises are significantly different from each other. Finally, through the QCA method, the action mode of complex diffusion feature on dispute degree is found.
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    Automatic Classification of Product Review Texts Combining Short Text Extension and BERT
    Li Xiangdong Sun Qianru Shi Jian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (1): 129-139.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.01.129
    Abstract329)      PDF(pc) (2243KB)(214)       Save
    In view of the fact that texts of product reviews are short and words are informal, this research aims to explore how to automatically classify product review texts by product categories and improve the classification performance. The core words set of the training set is constructed through the TF-IDF and LDA model, and short texts are extended by Word2Vec similarity calculation method. After extension, the product reviews are categorized by the product categories based on the Bidirectional Encoder Representation of Transformer (BERT) model. And then we design corresponding comparative experiments to prove the effectiveness of this method. When using BERT classification for the product reviews after extension, the F1 value obtained by the method proposed in this paper is 2.1 percent higher than are not extended, and it is 0.9 percent higher than that when using HowNet similarity calculation method. The reasons for the effectiveness of the method proposed in this paper are analyzed from the aspects of basic principles, different word similarity calculation methods, and words used methods. The method proposed in this paper can effectively improve the classification performance of the product reviews when organizing information by product categories, and be applied to the field of information organization of e-commerce information and research on related theories and methods.
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    The Dilemma and Practical Approach of Data Factor Value Creation in Chinese Enterprises from the Collaborative Perspective
    Qian Jinlin Xia Yikun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2023, 13 (6): 5-16.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.06.005
    Abstract327)      PDF(pc) (1867KB)(235)       Save
    Mining and releasing enterprise data factor value is of great significance to cultivate enterprise core competitiveness and to promote social economic growth. Based on literature research, comparative analysis and other methods, this paper comprehensively uses synergy theory and data value chain theory to analyze the connotation mechanism of data factor value creation, and then based on the coupling of data chain and value chain, this paper builds the analysis framework of the collaborative work scene within the enterprise and the collaborative co-governance scene outside the enterprise. The results suggest that: (1)Chinese enterprises lack the analytical ability of data value system, fail to set up data resource management system, and cannot achieve the collaborative development of data utilization and business scenarios; (2)It is difficult to form a value co-creation network with data sharing and exchange as the core because the data sharing channels between enterprises are not smooth, the data relationship is not harmonious, and the interest balance mechanism is not perfect; (3)The two-way data flow sharing mechanism between enterprises and the government is not perfect, and the government-enterprise data coordination supervision and cultivation system is not complete; (4)It is difficult to balance the protection of data rights and the pursuit of data interests between enterprises and individuals. Therefore, this paper puts forward the practical approach of data factor value creation in China from two perspectives: (1)improving the collaborative research ability of data factor value creation within enterprises, and (2)establishing a multi-agent collaborative and co-governing data ecology outside enterprises.
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