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    CitNetExplorer——A New Bibliometrics Analysis Software
    Liu Dongxiao Xu Zhenliang Wang Chunbo Yan Xin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (2): 51-62.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.02.051
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    CitNetExplorer is a new bibliometrics analysis software which was developed by Van Eck and Waltman and their team in Leiden University. Firstly, this paper introduces the basic functionalities and main panels of CitNetExplorer, and how to construct the citation network map through CitNetExplorer and its advantages in visualization. Secondly, it demonstrates the specific processes and steps of analyzing scientific publications citation network by using CitNetExplorer in exemplifying application. At last, this paper illustrates some deficiencies of CitNetExplorer.
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    Research on MIMIC-III Electronic Medical Record Dataset and Its Mining
    Chen Jing Li Baoping
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2017, 7 (4): 29-37.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2017.04.029
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    In order to understand the content and the research and utilization of a typical and open source medical database in the United States-the Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care, also called MIMIC, this paper systematically investigates the content of the MIMIC dataset and analyzes the literatures about the research of the MIMIC dataset in the Web of Science, respectively from number of documents, nations, institutions, research topics and research methods. It is found that the research and utilization of MIMIC dataset are in the ascending period, and its research depth and breadth are insufficient. Universities and medical companies in China should strengthen their researches and utilization on MIMIC dataset. The research topics focus on the prediction of prognosis and mortality of ICU patients, and researchers may explore more research topics. Data mining methods mainly focus on the general machine learning and statistical analysis methods, while mining methods with stronger pertinence need to be proposed.

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    FAIR Principle of Scientific Data Management and Sharing:Background, Content and Implementation
    Xing Wenming Guo Anqi Qin Shun Yang Ling
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (2): 60-67.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.02.060
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    One of the grand challenges of data-intensive science is to facilitate knowledge discovery by assisting humans and machines in their discovery of, access to, integration and analysis of scientific data. And the FAIR principle (discoverable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) is a set of guidelines aimed at improving the openness, transparency and reusability of scientific data, by providing clear guidelines that help ensure all data and associated services in the emergent “Internet of Data” will be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, not only by people, but notably also by machines. This paper introduces the principle of fair, including its background, main content, implementation steps and relevant cases, in order to promote the progress of scientific data management and sharing work in China.
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    An Analysis for Precursory Variables of Core Variables of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
    Zhang Liyi Zhang Ran
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (2): 11-20.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.02.011
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    Technology acceptance model has been widely verified and applied since it was putf orward by Davis in 1986. To improve the model, a mass of antecedents of core variables of TAM model are evolved. In this paper, these antecedents are classified by origins and objects. The relationships between the antecedents and core variables are analyzed. Last, some discussions and suggestions have been given on future researches for themodification of technology acceptance model.

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    Review of Corpus Research in China
    Huang Shuiqing Wang Dongbo
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (3): 4-17.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.03.004
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    With the in-depth development of big data and artificial intelligence technology, corpus research has received more and more attention. From the collection of language materials for linguistic research to the in-depth annotation knowledge resources supporting knowledge mining and discovery, the depth and breadth of the corpus related research have also been fully explored. This article takes the domestic journal literature as the object. First, we analyze the publishing trend of domestic corpus research, the author's cooperation and the research hotspots of different eras from a quantitative perspective. Secondly, we discuss the processes and methods of the construction and annotation of domestic corpus from a qualitative perspective. We explain the application status of corpus including the fields of language teaching, information retrieval, etc. Finally, we comprehensively discuss various representative corpus in China, and summarize the construction and development characteristics.
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    The Inspiration of Artificial Intelligence Application in the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Virus
    Zhao Yang Cao Wenhang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2020, 10 (6): 20-27.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2020.06.020
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    As an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, artificial intelligence has played an important role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 virus. The purpose of this research is to deeply explore the effect of artificial intelligence technology in epidemic prevention and control, to identify the existing problems and challenges, and to further promote the in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the management of public health emergencies. Based on an extensive investigation and analysis of nearly 200 specific cases, this paper expounds the application fields, main functions, core technologies and application degree of artificial intelligence in four key scenarios, i.e. epidemic prevention and control, disease diagnosis and treatment, social governance and resumption of work and production. Then it reveals the main shortcomings in the aspects of data scale and quality, algorithm innovation, scene deepening and so on. Therefore, three main countermeasures and suggestions were proposed, from the dimensions of data, technology, and scenario, that is, to establish a big data platform for epidemic diseases which is compatible with artificial intelligence technology, to form a strong epidemic prevention and control technology with artificial intelligence as the core support, and to deepen and enrich the application of epidemic prevention and control scenarios under the background of "AI Plus".
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    Interpretation of US Data Sovereignty Strategy Based on CLOUD Act 
    Huang Haiying He Mengting
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2019, 9 (2): 34-45.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2019.02.034
    Abstract3443)      PDF(pc) (843KB)(353)       Save

    In the increasingly fierce international cyberspace, the boundaries of data sovereignty governance have become increasingly blurred, and sovereign states have actively launched data sovereignty strategies to ensure the sovereign security of their data. The United States passed the CLOUD Act in March 2018, aiming to resolve security threats in cross-border data flows and safeguard national data sovereignty. The study of this bill is of great significance for improving China's data sovereignty strategy and data strategy system. This article, with a comprehensive analysis of the CLOUD Act, interprets its contents and explores its core objectives and construction models. By a comparative study, it is found that China's data sovereignty strategy has following features: it is based on the principle of “network sovereignty”; it takes development as its core goal; it has state power authorities as the core subjects, and it is of a top-down manner. Meanwhile, this paper, in light of the CLOUD Act, puts forward suggestions on China's data sovereignty strategy system in respect of macro top-level design guidance, inspection of specific jurisdictional strategies, promotion of international data exchange, and collaborative governance of cyberspace.

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    An Experimental Study on the Effects of Social Media and User’s Anxiety
    Liu Luchuan Zhang Bingqian Li Xu
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2019, 9 (2): 66-76.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2019.02.066
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    The development of social media is facing the problem of users’ negative emotions and passive behaviors today, while the traditional theory of continuous use of information systems could not sufficiently explain the problem in question. Based on the overload perspective, this paper constructed the theoretical model of the influencing factors of social media users' anxiety from four dimensions: information redundancy, information authenticity, system usability and system diversity. In this study, we used the anxiety scale of clinical medicine, and designed a user psychology experiment to analyze the relationship between the four social media characteristics and the level of users’ anxiety. The study found that when users using social media, their anxiety was significantly higher when they perceived information redundancy and false information. The impact of system functional factors on social media users’ anxiety is not as significant as information factors. This study laid a significant theoretial foundation for a comprehensive understanding of social media users’negative emotions, providing guidence for the users’psychological counseling and intervention.

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    Research on the Relationship Between Customer Perceived Value,Satisfaction and Loyalty——Empirical Analysis Based on the Electronic Commerce Market
    Liu Li Zhang Ning
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (3): 50-57,106.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.03.050
    Abstract3303)      PDF(pc) (1330KB)(3035)       Save

    In this paper, we developed the concept of the consumer perceived value on the electronic commerce market, examined the relationship of customer perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty empirically based in cognition-affect-conation theory, and in-depth analysed the impact of satisfaction as a mediator on the perceived value and customer loyalty. Customer perceived value is divided into functional value, emotional value, social value and procedural value, and the study found that the functional value and emotional value have positive influence on customer loyalty by using the structural equation model. Customer satisfaction also has positive influence on customer loyalty. At the same time, the functional value, emotional value and social value have positive influence on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a mediator on the perceived value and customer loyalty. The procedural value had no significant effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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    A Study on Mining Bibliographic Records by Designed Software SATI:Case Study on Library and Information Science
    Liu Qiyuan Ye Ying
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (1): 50-58.  
    Abstract3180)      PDF(pc) (9636KB)(1304)       Save

    A bibliographic information analysis software named SATI (Statistical Analysis Toolkit for Informetrics) is developed using C# based on Microsoft .NET platform. The national data fitting EndNote, NoteExpress and NoteFirst can be imported into SATI as well as international data as HTML (output from WoS). For the purpose of getting the clustering graph, multidimensional scaling map, network knowledge map, and strategic diagram, four basic functions including transforming raw data into XML, extracting selected elements, counting terms frequency and building knowledge units matrices have been implemented. Taking 17440 articles published in ten core Library and Information Science journals both at home and abroad during 2006 to 2010 as the sample, this paper revealed three potential research fields of LIS research area based on the consistency between clustering analysis and multidimensional scaling analysis results, and figured out relations and features of subject areas by interpreting the network knowledge map and strategic diagram. 

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    Research on Assessment of Answer Quality in Social Q&A Platform
    Jia Jia Song Enmei Su Huan
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (2): 19-28.  
    Abstract3128)      PDF(pc) (2470KB)(4079)       Save

    Social Q&A platform in Web2.0 has experienced a rapid development through the manner of collaboration. As the social Q&A platform has accumulated considerable amount of questions and answers, the quality of answers is increasingly becoming an issue of concern. Based on the assessment of answers quality in social Q&A, this paper aims to understand the current level and problems of domestic social Q&A, hoping to make a useful reference for the development of such platform.

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    Research Progress on Data Ethics Issues in  Internet-Mediated Research
    Chen Yi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2019, 9 (2): 58-65.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2019.02.058
    Abstract3115)      PDF(pc) (1919KB)(533)       Save

    The development of the Internet has changed the traditional research model. More and more people are using the Internet platform to carry out research, and the data ethics issues, such as privacy disclosure and data security, are becoming increasingly prominent. This paper surveys the current research progress of data ethics issues in internet-mediated research, summarizes the connotation and characteristics of internet-mediated research, combs the typical ethics issues and the governance mode of data ethics issues in internet-mediated research.

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    Visualization Analysis about Hot Research Topics and Frontiers Based on Citespace ——Take the Field of Wireless Sensor Networks as an Example
    Xu Can Chen Chen
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 69-75,87.  
    Abstract3064)      PDF(pc) (6781KB)(2910)       Save

    This paper uses the literatures which are retrieved from the ISI Web of Knowledge with the capital of wireless sensor networks as data sources. With the information visualization software CiteSpace, it conducts the co-citation and cluster analysis, makes the country-institution map and the category network map in the field of wireless sensor networks, shows the research distribution and confirms the categories that the field involves;at the same time, with the frequency detection technology which is provided by CiteSpace, it discloses the hot research topics, research fronts and development trends by mapping the knowledge map of wireless sensor networks field in computer science.

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    The Best Practises of Foreign Data Curation and Related Revelations
    Xia Yaohuang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 53-58.  
    Abstract3009)      PDF(pc) (1426KB)(1889)       Save

    In the aspect of development of scientific data, this paper defines the connotation of Data Curation based on scientific data, including the individual understanding and its significance on the library. Then it focuses on the best practices of Europe and the United States on Data Curation,from which we can get inspiration for our country’s libraries.

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    Review and Progress in Research on Credibility Evaluation of Information on the Web
    Wang Ping Cheng Qikai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 46-52.  
    Abstract2851)      PDF(pc) (1079KB)(3873)       Save

    Users’ demand on information access, management and service quality becomes increasingly strong because of the rapid growth of information resources on the web; the credibility evaluation of the web-based information has attracted the attention of scholars. We sort out and commented the theory, methods and applications of credibility evaluation of web-based information respectively,and propose recommendations for web-based information credibility evaluation research, and looking to the future research development direction.

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    Development Status and Future Prospects on Software and IT Services Industry in China
    Chen Wei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 4-7.  
    Abstract2709)      PDF(pc) (1011KB)(2280)       Save

    The paper introduces development of Softwere and IT Service Industry in China,and emphasizes that we has made great achievements while there are some problems like small,not strong,and not meeting demand,et al. Basing on analysis of trends in the softwere industry,it raises prospects that IT fields development is approaching limit currently,the focus of future competition is the ecosystem construction with mobile intelligent terminal operating system as the core.

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    Research Progress in the Application of Flow Theory Abroad
    Jiang Tingting,  Chen Peilong Xu Yanrun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2021, 11 (5): 4-16.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2021.05.004
    Abstract2687)      PDF(pc) (1703KB)(3063)       Save
    Flow refers to the holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. Related research of flow mainly focuses on the fields of education, computer and business administration, and has not been widely used in information behavior research. This study conducted a systematic review on 78 empirical studies that applied the flow theory. According to the research framework, those empirical studies were divided into three categories: the antecedents that affect the flow experience, the flow consequences triggered by the flow experience, and the mediating effects of flow experience between the antecedents and consequences. Combined with Person-Artifact-Task (PAT) model, this study summarized the related studies and elaborated on the practical enlightenment that flow can bring to real life, actively considered possible breakthroughs in flow measurement methods, and provided a clear and systematic approach to the application of flow theory to information behavior research.
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    The Research of Undergraduate WeChat User’s Information Sharing Behavior and Influence Factors
    Fu Ping Meng Wei
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (4): 105-111.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.04.105
    Abstract2599)      PDF(pc) (1007KB)(1750)       Save

    The development of mobile Internet has further changed people’s information dissemination modes, while “Strong relationship”, “Decentralization”and “User thinking” have deconstructed the original oneway social structure. Based on the Lasswell’s “5W” theory, taking questionnaires, this paper explores the information sharing behavior of undergraduates from undergraduates’ usage, sharing frequency and sharing content. It also studies undergraduate WeChat users’ information sharing behavior and influence factors in the features of communicators,products, sharing motivation and environment. This research finds that undergraduate WeChat user’s information sharing behavior is due to interaction of the internal and external factors. This paper can help media understanding the users’ habits and preferences,to further improve the level of service provided.

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    Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Research Hotspots on Social Media Based on Keywords Co-occurrence Analysis and Social Network Analysis
    Chen Yangsen Chen Jun
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2017, 7 (3): 45-55.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2017.03.045
    Abstract2552)      PDF(pc) (6285KB)(1313)       Save

    In order to grasp the hotspots and development trend of social media, this paper, based on the collection of CNKI and Web of Science related literatures, analyzes the research status at home and abroad in the field of social media with the help of CiteSpace and Ucinet tools. Through the analysis of domestic and foreign, the results found that the research of social media at home and abroad takes the corresponding social tools as the research object and the common concerns are privacy issues, sentiment analysis, social media functions. Domestic research is more concerned about social media itself, such as communication characteristics and communication carrier, while foreign research is more focused on social media applications.

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    Analysis on Co-authorship Network of Scholars in Knowledge Management
    Zuo Meiyun Wen Xiaowei Hua Xiaoqing
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 4-15.  
    Abstract2532)      PDF(pc) (3171KB)(1347)       Save

    Who is the best connected researcher in the knowledge management area? This study uses social network analysis to address this question. Specifically, 1831 papers published in six top knowledge management research journals from 2000 to 2010 which can be available to access in Proquest database are analyzed. Firstly, by analyzing the degree distribution of the network, we find there exist a few researchers who have quite a large cooperation network, and in contrast a large sum of common researchers who have just a few cooperators. Next, we respectively identify three kinds of 20 authors who have the most connections with others according to degree centrality, who are in the core positions according to closeness centrality and who play the “bridge” roles in the network according to betweenness centrality separately. Finally, two biggest connected sub-graphs, the 57-Actors Graph and the 39-Actors Graph are extracted and discussed respectively, where exist two influential researchers, namely Bontis, N. and Guthrie, J..

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    Empirical Study on the Effects of Perceived Value and Social Influence on User Loyalty for Social Networking Sites
    Gu Rui OH Lih-Bin Wang Kanliang
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (1): 10-21.  
    Abstract2481)      PDF(pc) (1567KB)(2386)       Save

    Social networking service (SNS) has attracted a large number of users because of its ability to provide personalization and socialization. However, SNS providers are facing the critical issue of the decrease in both user base and usage rate due to severe competition. Hence, it is of paramount importance for SNS providers to keep their websites sticky and to develop user loyalty. This study proposed a research model of SNS user loyalty comprising of perceived utilitarian value, hedonic value, and social influence as the antecedents. Data on 289 SNS users were collected and empirically analyzed using factor analysis and structural equation modeling method. It was found that both perceived utilitarian and hedonic value have significantly positive impact on user satisfaction and loyalty, and social influence significantly and positively impacts user loyalty. Lastly, discussion of research findings and implications for SNS providers, as well as suggestions for future research are provided.

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    A Review of Private Paradox Research Abroad
    Liu Ting Deng Shengli
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2018, 8 (2): 104-112.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2018.02.104
    Abstract2461)      PDF(pc) (1086KB)(1924)       Save

    This paper selects and summarizes the articles about the privacy paradox in overseas, and make a comprehensive and systematic review. Based on the articles about privacy paradox which were included in Web of Science and related citation papers, this paper has a detailed analysis of empirical research, interpretation and coping strategies using the method of content analysis. Finally, the shortcomings of the existing research results are summarized and the future research is prospected.

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    Analysis of the Social Network of V Type Entertainment Stars in Sina Microblog
    Liu Chan Zhang Yulin
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2015, 5 (1): 31-37.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2015.01.031
    Abstract2459)      PDF(pc) (1796KB)(1442)       Save

    This paper chooses part V type users under the label of entertainment in Sina microblog as the research object, to study the social network formed by such exchange of information between users. Through the analysis of several parameters such as network density, point centrality, closeness centrality, betweenness centrality and cohesive subgroups, it finds that due to the particularity of occupation and to maintain contacts as well as a good image in public, entertainment stars will interact with each other in microblog. But microblog is most used for self propaganda, so frequent interaction is not enough and communication is relatively scarce. Because of bigger fame, more partners and involving multiple domains, some stars stay in a core position in the network and play a key role in the process of information release and transfer.

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    UK Electronic Health Records Development and Its Implications to China
    Zhou Lihong Liu Lu Zhao Yiming
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2014, 4 (2): 94-100,封3.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2014.02.094
    Abstract2451)      PDF(pc) (2910KB)(2251)       Save

    By reviewing and analysing the related information, literature and government reports on the development of UK electronic health records, this paper intends to gain experiences on the issues of basic information collection, archive creation, reservation and maintenance, and information review process. Moreover, current problems on ineffective budget control, projects delay, and community cultural conflicts are also reviewed and analysed in this paper, in order to articulate and provide useful suggestions to the construction of digital health records in China.

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    The Status Quo and Hot Spot Analysis of Smart Elderly Care
    Wang Jian Zhang Yue Zhu Qinghua
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2019, 9 (1): 10-20,29.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2019.01.010
    Abstract2433)      PDF(pc) (3027KB)(1204)       Save

    With CNKI and Web of Science as data sources,this paper analyzes the status quo of domestic and international field of smart elderly care via scientific measurement, visualization analysis and summarize study from the dimensions of the number of papers,author relationship, research institute and research hotspot combined with classical laws of bibliometrics,and discusses from three aspects of concept, technology and product.The results show that domestic research of smart elderly care focuses on the pension model, the pension system, the pension industry and the pension products, while the international research focuses on sensor technology and equipment, pathology and life research of the elderly, and emphasises on technology and function research.

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    Temporal Related Topic Detection Approach on Microblog
    Zhuang Tingting Wang Ping Cheng Qikai
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2013, 3 (3): 40-46.  
    Abstract2422)      PDF(pc) (1095KB)(1762)       Save

    Topic in microblog data is dynamic. Aiming at detecting microblog’s topic more precisely, we should make use of the context of given microblog other than its text content. This paper proposes a temporal related topic detection method. This method can be divided into four phases: preprocessing, feature selection, topic detection, topic evolution analysis. Experimental results on real data show that the methods we propose in this paper perform well.

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    Study on the Evaluation Creteria of Relevance of Users’Need and Information Content in Social Question and Answer Service:Take Baidu Knows as an Example
    Jiang Nan Wang Pengcheng
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (3): 35-45.  
    Abstract2412)      PDF(pc) (4381KB)(1384)       Save

    A relevance framework for evaluating answers in social question and answer service is constructed to study the factors that affect user`s answer choice. Whether the relevance criteria vary in different topic is also discussed in this paper. The study shows that content, utility and social emotion are the topic 3 criteria class for evaluating information in social question and answer service. The relevance significance of each criterion differentiates according to topic categories. The study will do some help in improving the matching degree to user`s information demand in other kinds of knowledge service and automatic question and answer system.

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    Research Focuses, Evolution of Themes and Methods in Disciplines of Technical Economics & Management:The Knowledge Map Construction Based on Information Visualization
    Bao Chengming Zong Qianjin Yuan Qinjian
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (3): 64-71.  
    Abstract2410)      PDF(pc) (3838KB)(1380)       Save

    Based on the dataset of “Technical Economics and Management” in CSSCI, by using the information visualization tools, this paper constructed the knowledge map from three dimensions: research focus, theme evolution and method. The results showed that:(1) the research focuses were technological innovation, technological progress, economic growth, project management, the Economics of technology, independent innovation, assets evaluation, high-tech industries and technology import; (2) the previous research focused on the technological progress, however, current research paid more attention to technological innovation, project management and independent innovation; (3) AHP and DEA were widely used, and empirical research methods had gained more attention and widely applied.

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    A Literature Review about the Evaluation of Health Apps Abroad
    Tong Jingjing Deng Shengli
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2016, 6 (4): 28-40.   DOI: 10.13365/j.jirm.2016.04.028
    Abstract2400)      PDF(pc) (2778KB)(1916)       Save

    With the rapid development of the smartphone, users can employ smartphone apps to help them manage their health. This paper mainly reviews evaluation of health apps and systematically collecting, arranging and analyzing the literatures related to the assessment of health apps. It reviews on the evaluation progress from the aspects of evaluation criteria,methods and results. In addition, the evaluation indicators and criteria are generalized in order to provide reference for assessment and selecting. Finally, it gives the working directions of next steps.

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    An Empirical Study on Individual Investor Information Behavior in Chinese Stock Market
    Li Guoqiu Li Qi
    Journal of Information Resources Management    2012, 2 (4): 16-26,33.  
    Abstract2377)      PDF(pc) (3397KB)(1226)       Save

    In this paper, the authors implemented three kinds of empirical researches on the information behavior of individual investors: summarizing of the research papers, text mining of answer’s plat of stock invest, and questionnaire survey. Basing on above empirical research, this paper built the model of information behavioral of the individual investors in Chinese stock market, and gave some suggestion respectively to the individual investors and the information services.

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