Editorial Announcement

  •   In 2020, the JIRM will mainly concerns advances in theories, technologies and tools related to Information Resources Management, Data Science and Big Data. We look forward to the innovative and ideological research papers in the field of Library and Information Science, Information Industry, and so on. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

    Advances in theories, technologies and methods   

    1. Information resource management theories

    2. Data mining theories and technologies

    3. Data analysis tools and technologies

    4. Data organization methods

    5. Information behavior analysis methods and models, etc.

    Data Science and Big Data  

    1. Data management and data service

    2. Data governance and evaluation

    3. Data Ethics, data Privacy and Internet content governance

    4. Big data transaction and cross-border circulation, etc.

    Management of Information Resources of All Types

    1. Government information resources management, utilization and long-term preservation

    2. National security data and information resources management and utilization

    3. Cultural information management and preservation 

    4. Medical and health big data analysis and management

    5. Digital Humanities theories and technology, etc.

    Information Policy and Planning

    1. Big data development planning and strategies

    2. Internet development policy and planning

    3. Information resource planning in smart cities

    4. Social media development policy and management mode

    5. Network public opinion monitoring and analysis

    6. Think Tank development and planning, etc.

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