Journal of Information Resources Management ›› 2022, Vol. 12 ›› Issue (2): 39-51.doi: 10.13365/j.jirm.2022.02.039

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Research Review on Multi-granularity Information Search Behavior

Chen Jing Li Yang   

  1. School of Information Management,Central China Normal University,Wuhan 430079
  • Online:2022-03-26 Published:2022-04-25

Abstract: Information search behavior is the representation of the user’s search intention and the concrete embodiment of the search process.Its granularity includes micro search moves,middle search tactics and macro search strategies.Systematic analysis of information search behavior research from the perspective of multi-granularity is helpful to understand the user’s search process and behavior mechanism deeply.This paper expounded the connotation and corresponding types identification research of multi-granularity information search behavior,and reviewed relevant literature from two aspects of theoretical support and research process. On this basis,the future research trend was prospected.The results show that the theoretical support research focuses on the perspective of search process and behavior mechanism,and the research process is divided into experiment subjects,experiment object,experiment task and research method. The research paradigms of different granularity search behaviors have both differences and commonalities.The differences are as follows:research on search moves mostly based on the theoretical model of the search process,and prefer to use traditional questionnaires,interview and log methods to collect data in real situation and induces single query moves types based on open coding, while research on search tactics and strategies focuses on actions sets or tactics sequences,further uses cognitive theoretical models to explain the internal mechanism of behavior generation and change, introduces think-aloud protocol and screen recording method to enrich data collection types based on traditional methods in the simulation situation,and more statistical analysis and machine learning technology are used to analyze the data.The common characteristics are as follows:the research on the influencing factors in the experimental subjects is manifested in two aspects:user cognition and situation, and the influence of a single factor is mostly discussed;the experimental subjects are mainly university personnel;most of the experimental tasks are designed as work and life tasks with high complexity.In the future,we should broaden the research context and further explore the mechanism of multi-granularity information search behavior in cross-screen and cross-application context in order to adapt to mobile internet era.

Key words: Information search behavior, Search move, Search tactic, Search strategy, Multi-granularity

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