Journal of Information Resources Management ›› 2023, Vol. 13 ›› Issue (2): 12-29.doi: 10.13365/j.jirm.2023.02.012

Special Issue: 学科发展论坛

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Research on the Development of the First-level Discipline of Information Resource Management Based on Research Theme and Citation Analysis

Cao Shujin Cao Ruye   

  1. School of Information Management, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, 510006
  • Online:2023-03-26 Published:2023-04-20

Abstract: The renaming of the first-level discipline of library,information, and archives management as information resources management is undoubtedly a good opportunity to expand the discipline space in many directions. Therefore, this paper compares and analyzes the similarities and differences between the research on library, information, and archives and the research on information resources management in other disciplines. Then we can get inspiration from it, especially from the non-library and information fields, so as to explore the development direction and expansion space of information resources management. First,we retrive the papers of library and information science, archives science, the papers of other disciplines on "information resources management" and the papers published in Journal of Information Resources Management in recent 10 years from CNKI to build four data sets. Then, we use deep learning model BERTopic to identify topics, and analyze the similarities and differences of research topics and evolution trends, citation network features and research paradigms of the four data sets. Based on this, the direction of discipline development was explored. The study found that the research on library, information,and archives and the research on information resources management in other disciplines are both oriented by national strategy, driven by digital intelligence technology, and focused on the practical problems of social development. While the library, information, and archives field focused more on the in-depth exploration of the nature, general rules, and methodology of information resources management, other disciplines paid attention to its application in all walks of life of social and economic development. In terms of the citation characteristics, the library, information,and archives field had a strong correlation with social sciences such as administration, economic management and computer science, but a weak correlation with science, technology and agriculture. It is suggested that on the basis of strengthening the foundation and constantly promoting the cross-integration of the discipline, sub-discipline such as "industry information resource management" and "data resource management" should be added to expand and deepen the knowledge system of information resources management, improve the universality and application of its theoretical methods, and strengthen the influence of the discipline.

Key words: Information resources management, Development of discipline, Topic recognition, Citation analysis, BERTopic

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